for Roger, word on the street is “purple”


When Roger Federer eventually starts his grass season — he’s skipping out on defending Halle in order to recover from his tough four-set loss to Nadal in the French Open finals — word on the street is that he’ll be wearing purple:

He had debuted this Nike outfit at the Battle of the Surfaces last month. The purple-trimmed white polo will be paired with white/gold sneakers.

What do you think of the ensemble? Tell us.

A CLOSER LOOK: See a larger photo of Roger’s shirt and shoes here:

The same Nike white/gold shoes (above) as seen on Arnaud Clement at this week’s Artois Championships.


8 Responses to “for Roger, word on the street is “purple””

  1. Grand Slam Tennis Tours Says:

    I dont mind the purple in Fed’s new shirt, but those gold shoes have gotta go

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Kinda cool looking shirt. I can do without the shoes though.

  3. RoBBiEBoY Says:

    Agreed. The sneakers look a little more Maria Sharapova than anything else…

    Keep up the great blogging!!!

  4. Tennisdan Says:

    I disagree…The sneakers can stay, but when are the guys going to stop wearing such dull tops to Wimbledon?…This shirt screams mediocre…Roger is not…Oh for a retro, well cut white polo…Trim it whatever colour you want – but why does all white have to mean “bland”?…

  5. Nez Says:

    i like the shoes… but doesnt go with the purple top 😦

  6. VeRdA Says:

    shoes…Ohhh dear….

  7. jess. Says:

    Love the shirt. and the shoes…uhmmm…..

  8. shy Says:

    Purple’d look cool..but those shoes have to go straight into the bin.

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