short balls: ana ivanovic quickies, fernando gonzalez q & a, etc.


Tennis bits and pieces from the interwebs:

On Ana Ivanovic: (I only used six different letters of the alphabet to write that heading!) For those who are new to this new round of Ana-mania: bone up. Here are two profiles of Ms. Ivanovic, one from’s Bonnie DeSimone (here) and the other from’s Darren Rovell (here). And P.S. in case you weren’t around for the last round of Ana-mania, this is who we’re talking about.

There are no grass courts in Chile: Here’s a quick e-mail interview with Gisela Dulko‘s boyfriend, Chilean Fernando Gonzalez. (via the Independent)

But they carry live tennis matches in China: or so says James Fallows of The Atlantic.

The ice queen melts after her meltdown: We certainly appreciate having a more personal relationship with Justine Henin, who seems to have opened up after years of being very secretive about her non-tennis life. The turning point: her divorce from husband Pierre-Yves Hardenne, which forced her to miss the 2007 Aussie Open. Since then, she’s been more chatty with the press, and has talked about a reunion with her father and siblings. (via the Guardian)


2 Responses to “short balls: ana ivanovic quickies, fernando gonzalez q & a, etc.”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    ana ivanovic is a very smart girl, she needs to win a grandslam, loose those baby fats and be the cover of 2008 sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

  2. butter Says:

    she’s already fine

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