fashion flashback: chanel tennis racquets


I’m not sure what you were doing this time last year, but a few of you might have been drooling over the Chanel Sports store that temporarily took over the fashion house’s Spring Street (NYC) boutique, and sold goods such as surfboards, footballs, and this tennis racquet:

What do you think of the racquet? Tell us.

(via ISF)


17 Responses to “fashion flashback: chanel tennis racquets”

  1. mai Says:

    i think its an absoultly Fabulous idea! it makes me want to buy one so i can play and show off my tennis racket.

  2. melissa hernandez Says:

    i LOVE it!!!
    i want one! ;]

  3. Ashley Says:

    omg tennis is my totall favorite sport and this raquet is totally amazing…so going to buy it!

  4. Erwin Says:

    Or, if you don’t want to pay the premium for a Chanel racquet, there’s always the D.I.Y. route.

  5. kaylyn Says:

    Does anybody have it and knows how it plays?

  6. KATE Says:

    i loveeee THISS racket i play tennis in school AND I would so like BUT IIT!

  7. Joy Says:

    I LOVE this recket!!!!!

  8. Brittany Says:

    This racquet is gr4eat to look at. Its expensive but i went for it. Just to let you know it looks better than it plays though. And it is tough to get. I only play with for fun. It is def not championship worth it.

  9. alfred Says:

    I Want One!!!

    Uber Bad!

  10. HiBA. Says:

    i really love this racket ;; and i want one so badly ahha

  11. Abby Says:

    OMG i love all things chanel and i ahve a ton of stuff but i dont have the racket anf i am a tennis player and i would love to get that its now like my dream i wish i didnt see cause i wont be able to stop thinking aboout it!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT

  12. Breee Says:

    i have a chanel wallet purse and everything, and im a tennis player, and i want the hotpink chanel racquet and matching balls so bad its unbelieveable.

  13. Cassidy Says:

    I bought the chanel tennis racket and have played with it at least 10 times. It is a great racket, super light weight and still has a large face. I would highly reccomend this racket to anyone and am considering buying the hot pink one that came out this spring. Although the price has jumped to $595

  14. Jade Says:

    yeah i would like one too, but where do u buy one???
    i would also like a chanel pilllow to match my bedroom too.

  15. April Says:

    i think this racquet is really cool, tennis is pretty much my life outside of school but at the same time i don’t think they’re making this racquet for a positive benefit of the actual game. i’d get it, but probably just to hang on my wall or show off. definitly not to play.

  16. Liz Says:

    This raquet is really cute, I play tennis in High School, I would definitley buy it. How much is it?….How does it play?….Can I get a demo?

  17. kaitepai Says:

    it is fricken horrible. absolutely travesty to all things tennis. i cannot believe how revolting it is. and i bet it plays like asbolute shit. like the way they say it is super light… like thats the most important thing.
    must have amazing balance with that flower in the middle . my god.

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