at roland garros, roddick did something right


Texan Andy Roddick made such a quick cameo at the French Open — losing in the first round to Igor Andreev — that we barely had time to give him kudos for his new Lacoste cap:

It’s a newest version of the roving crocodile. The previous version of this cap had the logo on the side.

FUN BITS: This Roddick interview with The Austin American-Statesman reveals that he’s into Justin Timberlake and clarifies his (man) purse-bashing comment from last year’s Wimbledon: “To be fair about the man purse thing, I ripped on girls who have bags that are too big also. I said you can only take so much stuff to lunch.” (Does that put him in the clear? Tell us!)

EDIT: More silver lining for Andy. His brother, John Roddick, runs the tennis camp that bred this year’s boy’s French Open Champ, Uladzimir Ignatik of Belarus. (via the Florida Sun-Sentinel)

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