short balls NADAL edition: vid of him in bed with moya, his wimbledon wear, etc.


Here are some juicy bits and pieces on Rafael Nadal:

His grass garb: Last week we showed you Federer‘s grass season outfit by Nike, so now we’re showing you Rafa’s — that’s it, above. What do you think? Tell us! (via

He holds yet another record: Along with his “longest winning streak on any surface” (81 matches on clay) add this: Nadal been ranked No. 2 for 98 consecutive weeks, the longest in the open era that any player’s been No. 2 without reaching No. 1. (via Orgs & Markets)

A shirtless showdown with Moya: Just watch the video below. ‘Nuf said.

(Note: this is a glimpse into his friendship with Carlos Moya, as described in Rafa’s French Open ATP Blog.)

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>> video: dude, nadal is RIPPED
>> fashion: rafa wears blue on the terre battue

3 Responses to “short balls NADAL edition: vid of him in bed with moya, his wimbledon wear, etc.”

  1. butter Says:

    oh ya! i’ve seen this one! ahahaha…..if only they spoke English in this video😦

  2. butter Says:

    i forgot to add, I like RAFA’s outfit! I wonder what Sharapova would wear?! PLEASE post it😀

  3. Rosemary Says:

    Hahahaah i love how he bites his controller and yells into the wall. ahah he is soo funny and his outfit is nice. :p

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