wimbledon practice courts: which one does not belong?


Seen on the practice courts at Wimbledon on Saturday, June 23 (from left to right): Chucky in adidas, Rafa in Nike, Venus in Reebok, R-Fed in Nike, A-Rod wearing Lacoste, and Masha in Nike.

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6 Responses to “wimbledon practice courts: which one does not belong?”

  1. butter Says:

    why chucky? lol…

  2. maddawg Says:

    Sharapova is lookin hot in that hoodie, fuck visors.

  3. Erwin Says:

    Chucky was a nickname Mary Carrillo gave Hingis back in the day (when Martina would smile through press conferences while saying mean things about other players).

  4. butter Says:

    whoa! Mary Mary Mary, she’s kind of a meanie herself!

  5. chris Says:

    gotta love the carillo. join her fan club on myspace: http://groups.myspace.com/marycarillofanclub

  6. tennisfreaks Says:

    Chucky is perfect! just check when she played a final in Roland Garros. She played against Graff (not sure if it was Graff though) and she lost in tears. Just go to rolangarros.com and check the awesome videos. The way she serves at a certain point shows just how desperate she was against her opponent. And when she loses she cries like a baby and doesn’t even appear for the final speech and to receive the awards for reaching the final. I simply hate people who smile all the time but don’t miss a chance of cowardly destroying everyone else around them. Chucky chucky! awesome nickname! fits like a glove!

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