fortis focus: rafa nadal, his girlfriend, his friend, his clothes


On Saturday, Rafa Nadal lost to buddy and countryman Carlos Moya at The Fortis Tennis Classic held at the Hurlingham Club in West London. Here are some photos:

Nadal’s girlfriend, Francesca “Xisca” Perello, watched him play.


A closer look at his Wimbledon attire. I like the orange stripe on the Nike track jacket.

Above, a picture of their trophies.

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12 Responses to “fortis focus: rafa nadal, his girlfriend, his friend, his clothes”

  1. butter Says:

    his GF is not even ooogly, I don’t know what other ppl (on youtube) are saying!

  2. Erwin Says:

    Are they jealous, perhaps? 😉

  3. butter Says:

    could your reply get more behind? hahaha…just kidding! I guess you have way too many comments, and you don’t get to read each one on the same day! BTW, this week went by so fast. Let’s rewind yesterday! 😀

  4. Rosemary Says:

    ooh very sharp jacket and his gf is pretty too 🙂

  5. Erwin Says:

    I’m sorry it took forever. I don’t get that many comments, but still I missed this one.

    For me Wimbledon felt like it was four weeks long! There were soo many things to write about; I felt like I didn’t have enough time to cover each topic.

  6. Erwin Says:

    yeah I wish he’d worn that when he received his runner-up trophy at wimbledon, haha

  7. butter Says:

    wo-wo-wo-whoa! there E, better be nice to Rafa! haha
    and you really had to elaborate on that “runner-up” trophy! haha….


  8. baze macedonia Says:

    i love you Nadal ,you are the best player baze MACEDONIA

  9. martina Says:

    Girlfriend’s name is Francisca

  10. jenie Says:

    she looks nice

  11. lolly Says:

    They are a hot couple. I can’t see him with any other girl other than her. I hope they get married. If they have kids they are going to be very goodlooking. She needs to smile though more. I can’t wait for the wedding what an event that would be. Its too bad we won’t be invited.

  12. dina Says:

    Nadal,you are the mostgood-looking man that I’ve never known!!

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