the sum of its parts: nike pulls out all the stops for roger’s new outfit


Ok I’ll be the first to say that I don’t know why I can’t peel myself away from this Roger-mania. I really fell for whatever Nike‘s doing to keep up the buzz about his fashion sense.

To recap: until today, we’d only seen bits and pieces of his 2007 Wimbledon outfit. First I caught wind of the style of shirt he’d be wearing, and that they were to be paired with gold shoes. Then we saw the cap — embroidered with a monogrammed crest — at Satuday’s press conference. Then came the photo shoot with the the casual wear: blazer, pants, jumper, and bandana. And today he comes out with two match play shirts (one with an embroidered crest, the other with the gold stripes) and a crazy quilted bag. Jesus Christ there were so many layers to peel off. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The folks at SlamXHype gives us some close-ups of Roger’s bag. One side of the quilted-patterned duffel has the “RF” logo and the other has the Swoosh.

The quilted/gold motif carries on to Roger’s shoes. On the right, you can see how they look when they’re worn.

Nike provided him with two shirts: one with the gold stripes (right) and the other with the “RF” crest, which goes along with the blazer and white pants.

And these are the pictures of the outfits coming together. The sports jacket, warm-up pants, and shorts.


I say they did pretty well. Much better than last year’s slapdash job. At least for before the match, the pants really help define the style he’s going for.

So, what do you think? Tell us!

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30 Responses to “the sum of its parts: nike pulls out all the stops for roger’s new outfit”

  1. shy Says:

    looks good..but that pullover he wore in the beginning of the match..

  2. shahnawaz khan Says:

    its out of this world i really liked the idea. and thanks to site i got to c the pics

  3. weaselberry Says:

    There aren’t two different shirts. It’s one shirt with the gold stripes and a vest that went over it. He wore the vest in the beginning of the match and it came off when it got a little too hot, I suppose.

  4. Joshua Says:

    But didn’t any notice that that is totally a girl’s bag and those shoes are, likewise, totally girlish? Federer is the new Sharapova.

  5. Todd and in Charge Says:

    Pants and shirt yes, bag and shoes noooooo.

  6. Erwin Says:

    I’m in love with the girl‘s bag.

  7. butter Says:

    WOW! i love it, I think Roger is manly and classy enough to carry those gear around. 😀 I love the bag! I want one w/ my initials on it! haha!

  8. Austy Says:

    That ensemble is DELISHUS!!! It takes a lot of self-confidence for an athlete to wear gold though. Unless I’m missing something about a spate of gold athletic wear (and it’s entirely possible that I am), wearing gold embossed shoes and clothing would be dangerous because if you lose then you just end up looking effete or full of hubris.

  9. Erwin Says:

    Sharapova might run into that problem, but Roger won’t. That fifth title is pretty much a gimme.

  10. Mia Says:

    On any other player, the outfit would’ve looked funny or odd but Roger just pulls everything together and how!

  11. umm Says:

    new sharapova, agreed. this is just gay. or, to be pc, effete. and arrogant. you would never have seen sampras do something like this. just plain gay. i mean effete.

  12. butter Says:

    It’s kind of similar to Maria’s bag Just kinda! 😛

  13. thestylenotes Says:

    I think he looks great! Very classy.

    Oh, and I love your blog 🙂

  14. Johann Says:

    Tres femme, le bag. UGH. Grow a pair, Rog — err, a second pair. Or something.

  15. Ava-Fan of Rafa Says:

    I very much prefer Nadal’s attire. Federer was totally over the top. Too arrogant. He doesn’t need gold shoes and an emblem of his own to show he’s boss. Just plain arrogant!

  16. Denise in Tulsa Says:

    The bag looks like it should have a little screen window at the end that offers us a glimpse of his toy poodle….

  17. Rachel Says:

    I HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL! Just to hang on the wall and admire.

  18. Joan Says:

    I like the white pants and jacket that Federer wears. The bag and shoes do seem overboard.

  19. katherine Says:

    Hey guys…did they pixel the RF logo out after Rogers win????

    Kat :-“}

  20. Erwin Says:

    Kat — I don’t understand your question.

  21. Rommel Says:

    Is there any place that sells the blazer?

  22. Erwin Says:

    Rommel: I don’t think they produced any for public sale…

  23. jaja Says:

    I wanted to say hello to Roger and congratulations on winning the US open. I was glued to the television watching most of the matches that you played. Good luck in the future.

  24. FoT Says:

    I think it’s fantastic that Nike comes up with things like this for Roger. It all looks classy and fantastically done. Great job to Nike and great job to Roger for stepping out and attempting to bring some fashion to men’s tennis.

    I did not like the outfit most of the Nike tennis players were wearing at the US Open (that grey/yellow strip too big shirts most of them wore) but I loved the Black Roger had one for his night matches. With Roger’s body type, he can wear practically anything and it looks good on him.

    I hate to see the too-baggy pants or the too big shirt (that Roddick constantly pull the sleeves up). But Roger’s close fits him very good….like a run-way model.

    Keep it up Nike and Roger!

  25. Chris Delahunt Says:

    I am after one of the nike RF caps, does anyone know where I can get one, but not the autographed $200 one though.

  26. Lori Says:

    This line is FABULOUS! I don’t play tennis (though I’ve been a huge fan for almost 10 years) and I NEED that white quilted bag. Where can I buy it? I’d rather spend my hard $$ on that than the newest Manolo’s or LV bag. Please, where can I get it or one of the hats????

  27. compare and contrast « goats, bulls and ponies Says:

    […] and contrast 09Aug08 Wimbledon 2008 outfit / Wimbledon 2007 outfit /USO 2007 […]

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    […] one that was free of the pressures of being No. 1) and still isn’t quite ready to embrace the trappings of the top spot (this isn’t the first time he’s hesitated). Is Rafa not ready to go the […]

  29. Lely Says:

    omg, if they had a small handbag version of his bag i would so get it! I loved his outfit he wore for 2009 by the way. just loved it!

  30. isabel Says:

    hola, queria saber donde puedo encontrar bolsos de Federer a la venta. Gracias

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