what happened to kuznetsova?


Okay, so I have to give Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova a pat on the back for trying something new at Wimbledon. First, she has her clothing sponsor Fila outfitting her with retro gear. We’ve been dying to see more of the label’s class red/white/blue scheme on the court, and they answered our prayers. (Off the court, they’ve already done this with the Settantatre collection, and I’ve gotten word that they have another stylish line launching later this year — we can’t wait!)

We love the headbands and the wristbands, but that hair is another story. She gets an “A” for effort, but I am not in love with this mash of braids, extensions, and cornrows:

On the left is Svetlana’s hair a few weeks ago at the French, and on the right is the current incarnation. (Btw, thanks to Off the Baseline for the tip.)

What do you think of her outfit? Of her hair? Tell us.

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5 Responses to “what happened to kuznetsova?”

  1. chris Says:

    I like the hair … I think it’s maybe the most feminine she’s ever looked.

  2. kathyktennis Says:

    I don’t like the hair either, though the close look seems to compliment her. But mainly I wonder how anyone has time for a such a do!

  3. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I try and support her no matter what. She’s a bigger girl and a tomboy. Although she’s not the most feminine player on the WTA tour, she tries, and she seems so sweet.

  4. bebs Says:

    I don’t like the cornrows!!.I prefer without.
    but she seems to be a nice girl , and a very great tennis player, she impress me so much!!! she’s my favorite player

  5. Len Says:

    Bleh…just not the right look for her. I like that she has tried something different, but this style just doesn’t work.

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