wimbledon: volandri vs. kiefer


Correction: Apparently, recycled air gets to me more than I think, or the beginning of summer isn’t agreeing with me… or something. Because clearly I can’t read scorelines to save my life. Thanks to Bonifacio for pointing out that Volandri LOST to Kiefer in straight sets. Double le sad, because I was hoping to see more of his D&G gear at Wimbledon. Original post below.

Giant-killer Filippo Volandri translated his hot claycourt season (he beat Federer, remember?) onto grass with a straight-set win over German Nicolas Kiefer in the first round of Wimbledon…

..which is great and all, but we’re a little more interested in how he looked in his Dolce & Gabbana-designed outfit.

The ensemble, custom-made for the Italian hottie, fell flat against the simple all-white outfit worn by Kiefer.

Yawn. Volandri does much better in Armani.

Kiefer’s clothing sponsor, Diadora, cleaned him up pretty good. He gets extra points for that bandana and for leaving his shirt’s top button unbuttoned. (Take notes, Kolya.)

FYI: This was only Kiefer’s second match of 2007 after an extra-long recovery from a left wrist injury. Two surgeries (and a year) later, he’s back.

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One Response to “wimbledon: volandri vs. kiefer”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    volandri lost in straight sets to keifer.

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