fashion focus: venus has a midas touch


Venus Williams‘ current love affair with gold, as told by these pictures of her courtside chair at Wimbledon: above is the same gold hobo bag (with bamboo handle) that she brought to the players’ party last weekend, and below is the limited-edition gold Wilson [K]Factor racquet that the gear company designed for her and her sister Serena.

This follows her accessories from the French: gold hoop earrings and a gold butterfly hairpin.

What do you think of the bag? the racquet? Tell us.


3 Responses to “fashion focus: venus has a midas touch”

  1. P. R. Says:

    I’m not into gold – and I don’t think she has any fashion sense whatsoever. I’m wondering what happened to her dress or skirt – she looks like she’s wearing her panties – those shorts are soo short – disgusting!

  2. overpriced designer man bag Says:

    I thought it was a variation of the Gucci Indy bag. I wonder if that’s snakeskin or snakeprint.

  3. Kahuna Says:

    UGH! We totally agree with P.R. on that the shorts she wears are absolutely NASTY. Maybe she sees something positive about having to constantly pull them out of her *ss like Nadal?! Disgusting. She is supposed to be representing Women’s tennis and yet she doesn’t seem to have a CLUE.

    The sooner someone puts her out the less we have to look at such a nasty display.

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