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more rainy delay fun

June 16, 2007

The 4th day of the DFS Classic got rained out, and the galoshes make an appearance.

Polka dots. Cute! (But I like the black ones from the French just as much.)

>> french open rain delay – galoshes and shorts


maria the richest

June 16, 2007

Maria Sharapova wears mint green and white Nike for this week’s DFS Classic in Birmingham. What do you think of her look? Tell us.

BUY: The Summer Sphere Rouched Tank available here.

DID YOU KNOW?: Masha is currently the highest-paid female athlete, based on ForbesCelebrity 100 and on’s Top 20 highest-earning non-American athletes.

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christmas in june!

June 16, 2007

I LOVE the colors of the Artois Championships stadium. Feels like Christmas in June.

(That’s Dmitry Tursunov playing against Fernando Gonzalez.)

photo: max mirnyi

June 16, 2007

Our favorite Belarusian Max Mirnyi, in Nike, losing to Rafael Nadal in the second round of the Artois Championships.

shedding pounds for wimbledon’s online store

June 14, 2007

I’m ready to spend some money on Wimbledon goods — their online shop does not disappoint at all. (USTA, are you listening?) While the clothes are fairly generic, the British get props for selling bright-colored bags (in turquoise, pink, Wimbledon green), cute keychains (strawberries!), and classy charms.

I’ve put my picks in that collage above. What do you think of the store? Tell us.

Check back tomorrow for my post on Ralph Lauren‘s Wimbledon collection.

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Robredo Disrobed!

June 14, 2007

That’s Tommy Robredo in a (cropped) photo for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign, which raises awareness of, and funds research into, testicular and prostate cancer.

Readers of Cosmo‘s UK edition get to vote for their favorite centerfold, all of whom have posed nude. Other participants include Jason Donovan, ex-Blur member Alex James, and media personalities. Proceeds from the voting will go to the charity.

Tommy says in the magazine: “When Cosmo first asked me to get naked, I thought ‘No Way!’ But when I heard it was for charity I was like ‘Okay, it’s for a good reason.’ ”

Note: I had to crop Tommy’s photo to keep it web-friendly. See the full photo here.

(ATP via Chris)

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short balls thursday

June 14, 2007

Nadal’s made it: A four-page spread in this month’s GQ followed by his very own article in The Onion. To Americans, Rafa Nadal is no longer just that “tennis player with the massive biceps”.

Guillermo Coria sues over suspension: Another esteemed member of the Argentina Drug Suspension Corral is back in the news. Guillermo Coria is accusing Universal Nutrition of contaminating its multivitamin, which Coria was taking, with steroids. Coria is suing for $10 million in lost prize and endorsement money. (via Sporting News)

She’s a tall drink of Russian…water?: Smirnoff’s new Smirnoff Source comes in what looks like a water bottle, but it’s still 3.5 percent alcohol by volume — a godsend to those underage celebrities, I’m sure. Anyway, Anna Kournikova heads to NYC tonight to host a fundraiser sponsored by this new drink to benefit the Nature Conservancy. (via Business Wire)

Dubai, still: Along with acquiring the season-ending Outback Champions Series event, Dubai might also add Barneys New York to its asset portfolio. (via Tennis Served Fresh and NYT)

NYC tennis, good idea: This event will coincide with Wimbledon. (There are two i’s — get it?)

NYC tennis, bad idea: Can someone explain to me how this relates to the sport at all?

If it ain’t broke, then make it better: Line-calling technology Hawkeye makes its ATP debut in the UK. This time, each player gets three line challenges, plus the extra one if the set goes to a tiebreak. (via BBC)

If the British want champions, the LTA should stop sponsoring them: Uhh, what? (via the Guardian)

at roland garros, roddick did something right

June 14, 2007

Texan Andy Roddick made such a quick cameo at the French Open — losing in the first round to Igor Andreev — that we barely had time to give him kudos for his new Lacoste cap:

It’s a newest version of the roving crocodile. The previous version of this cap had the logo on the side.

FUN BITS: This Roddick interview with The Austin American-Statesman reveals that he’s into Justin Timberlake and clarifies his (man) purse-bashing comment from last year’s Wimbledon: “To be fair about the man purse thing, I ripped on girls who have bags that are too big also. I said you can only take so much stuff to lunch.” (Does that put him in the clear? Tell us!)

EDIT: More silver lining for Andy. His brother, John Roddick, runs the tennis camp that bred this year’s boy’s French Open Champ, Uladzimir Ignatik of Belarus. (via the Florida Sun-Sentinel)

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short balls NADAL edition: vid of him in bed with moya, his wimbledon wear, etc.

June 14, 2007

Here are some juicy bits and pieces on Rafael Nadal:

His grass garb: Last week we showed you Federer‘s grass season outfit by Nike, so now we’re showing you Rafa’s — that’s it, above. What do you think? Tell us! (via

He holds yet another record: Along with his “longest winning streak on any surface” (81 matches on clay) add this: Nadal been ranked No. 2 for 98 consecutive weeks, the longest in the open era that any player’s been No. 2 without reaching No. 1. (via Orgs & Markets)

A shirtless showdown with Moya: Just watch the video below. ‘Nuf said.

(Note: this is a glimpse into his friendship with Carlos Moya, as described in Rafa’s French Open ATP Blog.)

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adidas & guerrilla tennis

June 13, 2007

So apparently there’s more to that street tennis booth that adidas set up at the French this year. It’s a part of their Urban Tennis campaign which challenges folks to “defie la rue”.

My rudimentary French leaves with little power to do research, but I think the premise is this: they’re doing a Parisian tennis tour with stops at landmarks such as the Place de la Concorde, the Palais du Trocadero, the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, etc. They bring their tennis courts with them. (See videos here.)

Brilliant! We should be doing that in L.A., too! Seeing that it costs $8/hr to use the courts near my house (when they really should be FREE), this doesn’t seem like a bad idea…

Check out the Urban Tennis team roster. Who’s your favorite? I’m all about Guillame and his faux hawk.

who’s going to make a move on grass?

June 13, 2007

Amer Delic playing at the Artois Championships, Queen’s Club.

Who do you think will make their move on grass this year?

My picks: Amelie Mauresmo, Justine Henin, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych

Leave a comment with your list of usual suspects and dark horses.

fashion flashback: chanel tennis racquets

June 13, 2007

I’m not sure what you were doing this time last year, but a few of you might have been drooling over the Chanel Sports store that temporarily took over the fashion house’s Spring Street (NYC) boutique, and sold goods such as surfboards, footballs, and this tennis racquet:

What do you think of the racquet? Tell us.

(via ISF)

tuesday’s short balls: murray still a kid, mcenroe still in the doghouse, anna still misses the limelight, etc.

June 12, 2007

Andy Murray’s just a kid: Sidelined Scot Andy Murray says he’d be a student if he wasn’t playing tennis. Fitting, since he doesn’t cook, doesn’t drive, and the most expensive thing he’s ever bought is his PS2. (via Daily Express)

Johnny Mac wants in: John McEnroe is still in the doghouse. It’s been twenty years since he had his honorary membership at Queen’s Club taken away for insulting the then chairman’s wife. Letters of apology have not helped resolve the issue. (via Telegraph)

A blog to watch: If you’re not reading Tennis Country, you might want to give it a shot.

Iva on Ivanovic The Sun-Sentinel tells us what Croatian (and ’97 French Open champ) Iva Majoli‘s been up to: she’s raising a kid, running a tennis academy, and is social SEWTA mentor to Ana Ivanovic.

Ana should make room for Anna: Interviews promoting her exhibition coinciding with TMS Canada reveal that Ms. Kournikova misses being center stage. She also admits not realizing how much attention was being thrown her way during her teenage pro years. (via The Toronto Star)

More on the Henin saga:’s S.L. Price gives us more details about Justine‘s past year.

Congrats to Nole and Kolya: The post-RG ATP rankings have been released, and Nikolay Davydenko is No. 3 (taking over Roddick‘s spot) and Novak Djokovic jumped up two places to No. 4. (via Fox Sports)

Yep, we have those pictures of Serena’s day at the beach: Click at your own risk! (via Daily Mail)

stretch and booty #2

June 12, 2007

Now a different kind of stretch and booty:

Russian player (and Safin look-alike) Teimuraz Gabashvili plays against Benjamin Becker at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.

(One more photo after the cut…)

stretch and booty #1

June 12, 2007

Stretch and Booty: the nicknames given to 6′ 3″ Jamie Murray and his doubles partner Eric Butorac (can you figure out who’s who?) by Brad Gilbert, who coaches Jamie’s brother, Andy.

The duo looks to repeat the success they had earlier this year (winning back-to-back titles in San Jose and Memphis) on the European grass. They are entered in this week’s Artois Championships at Queen’s Club.

(READ UP: Here’s a profile from The Independent.)

Props to adidas for experimenting with their uniforms. More players should have nicknames emblazoned on their shirts, don’t you think?


chatting with the author of federer’s upcoming biography

June 12, 2007

Tennis Served Fresh sat down with Rene Stauffer, the author of Roger Federer‘s upcoming biography, Quest for Perfection: The Roger Federer Story. The book covers his childhood, his days as a temperamental junior, and his early days at the top of the ATP tennis heap (including life with girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec.

Rene has been a sports writer since 1981, and first wrote about Federer in 1996. Currently, he’s on staff at the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeigers. Over e-mail, we chatted about what compelled him to write the book, why he picked Roger, and who he thinks is the greatest tennis player of all time.


Tennis Served Fresh: What made you decide to write this book? Why now? Why Roger?

Rene Stauffer: I always dreamed of writing a book, and having covered tennis and Roger’s career as closely as I luckily was able to do, I felt I was in the best possible situation for this task. I first wanted to write the biography after Wimbledon ’03, but Roger and his family felt it was too early.

Why now? Because all that has happened in the last few years is more than enough to be told in a book and to be made available for people that did not follow Roger in the early stages of his career. I have covered professional tennis for about 25 years now and think I’m in the right position to put Roger and his career in the right perspective.

TSF: It seems like you had Roger’s cooperation in writing this book. What was his reaction when you told him that you were writing this biography? How much help did he give you as far as getting sources?

RS: I have done a lot of interviews with Roger over the years and asked him basically all the questions I ever had. Roger gave me the green light for this book, but he did not want to put out his official biography as of now. That is why his involvement is marginal and he himself only got to read it when it was published.

TSF: Federer is a very public figure. Did you feel compelled to find new ways to present information about him? Especially in this internet age where everything is available at a fan’s fingertips, what was the most difficult challenge as far as making the biography “fresh”?

RS: I am very happy to have a large personal archive with some old and so far unpublished quotes from Roger. I have a lot of personal memories with him over the years. What helped a lot was to find people who were willing to share their memories of him in Switzerland, like his parents, the family he lived with as a junior, friends, former junior rivals, and coaches. I also collected many newspaper articles from around the world over the years. So this is not at all an “internet-book”, which makes it even more satisfying for me.

TSF: Who is your target audience for the book? How long did it take you to write the book?

RS: Since I had the idea to write this book for many years, I was ready to go when I was offered the chance to write by the German publishing house Pendo. It took me four months to write the first edition, but ever since then I have been more or less involved with it, updating it for the second German and English editions and overlooking the translation into English. I tried to write it for people who have no idea about tennis, but also for tennis insiders who like to go through Roger’s career once again from a different angle.

TSF: What was your experience with selling the book proposal?

RS: I only started to write the book when I had the guarantee that it would be published, so I had nothing to do with that.

TSF: Are you planning on writing any other tennis biographies? If so, of whom? If not, why not?

RS: Not for now, since I am a full-time staff writer and have a family. Covering Roger is a pretty full-time job nowadays for a Swiss newspaper, as you might imagine. To be honest: I would be able to write a similar book about Martina Hingis, but there, things are a little bit more complicated.

TSF: What are your thoughts on men’s tennis? What is Roger’s ultimate impact on the sport? Would you consider Roger to be the Greatest Player of All Time?

RS: I think we have to wait to answer this question until his career is over (or until he wins Paris). As of now, I would not put Roger over everybody else… I would rather go with Borg, with his rivalry against McEnroe. But I am sure that there has never been a stronger player in tennis history, regarding Rogers level and the progress in technology.

TSF: Do you cover women’s tennis as well? Junior level tennis?

RS: I cover women’s tennis as well, especially Swiss players of course. I followed Martina Hingis from the earliest stages and have done a lot of interviews with players such as Steffi Graf, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, up to Maria Sharapova and Justine Henin and so on. I also do interviews now and then for magazines. Junior tennis is not my main focus.

TSF: Before the Roger era, who was the player with the most impact?

RS: Certainly Borg, and later on Boris Becker — mainly in Wimbledon and in Germany, where a whole country went nuts about tennis for a while.

Quest for Perfection: The Roger Federer Story, New Chapter Press, $24.95, by Rene Stauffer. Release date: June 25. Available for pre-sale through

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short balls: ana ivanovic quickies, fernando gonzalez q & a, etc.

June 12, 2007

Tennis bits and pieces from the interwebs:

On Ana Ivanovic: (I only used six different letters of the alphabet to write that heading!) For those who are new to this new round of Ana-mania: bone up. Here are two profiles of Ms. Ivanovic, one from’s Bonnie DeSimone (here) and the other from’s Darren Rovell (here). And P.S. in case you weren’t around for the last round of Ana-mania, this is who we’re talking about.

There are no grass courts in Chile: Here’s a quick e-mail interview with Gisela Dulko‘s boyfriend, Chilean Fernando Gonzalez. (via the Independent)

But they carry live tennis matches in China: or so says James Fallows of The Atlantic.

The ice queen melts after her meltdown: We certainly appreciate having a more personal relationship with Justine Henin, who seems to have opened up after years of being very secretive about her non-tennis life. The turning point: her divorce from husband Pierre-Yves Hardenne, which forced her to miss the 2007 Aussie Open. Since then, she’s been more chatty with the press, and has talked about a reunion with her father and siblings. (via the Guardian)

for Roger, word on the street is “purple”

June 11, 2007

When Roger Federer eventually starts his grass season — he’s skipping out on defending Halle in order to recover from his tough four-set loss to Nadal in the French Open finals — word on the street is that he’ll be wearing purple:

He had debuted this Nike outfit at the Battle of the Surfaces last month. The purple-trimmed white polo will be paired with white/gold sneakers.

What do you think of the ensemble? Tell us.

A CLOSER LOOK: See a larger photo of Roger’s shirt and shoes here.

video: this makes me want to stop working out

June 11, 2007

…and live my life as a fat sow.

Here’s another Nike commercial featuring Rafa Nadal and other athletes in their pro stable.

These guys are so ripped!

(I like the “Tu Momentum” commercial better. Which one do YOU prefer? Tell us.)

>> rafa in nike’s “tu momentum” campaign

photo: roger’s fans cheer him on

June 11, 2007

You can file this one under “I post this just because I can.”

Some Roger Federer fans cheering him on during his French Open men’s finals match against Rafael Nadal.

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