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short balls: no more rebound ace? what’s next — astroturf at wimbledon?

July 2, 2007

We’re into the second week of a Slam, when matches are fewer and further between, so I figured it’s time to whip out some bits I’d stored for a rainy day…

Ripping out Rebound Ace: Tennis Australia announced that they’re switching from Rebound Ace to Plexicushion courts for next year’s Aussie Open. Hometown hope Lleyton Hewitt welcomes the change (likely because it’ll play much like the U.S. Open, where he won his first GS title), but the traditionalists are up in arms for the exact same reason: the court’s X factor — i.e., how the court behaves depending on the weather, will be no longer. What’s next? Are we letting Wimbledon change to astroturf? (AFP via

Cyclops maybe one-eyed, but still scrappy: An interview with another oldie that’s been given the boot at Wimbledon. (via the Times)

Checking in on Sania Mirza: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has recovered from knee injury in time for Wimbledon, and reunites with Israeli Shahar Peer to play women’s doubles.

In case you’re keeping track: Of the Serbians, Novak Djokovic practiced in Munich, Ana Ivanovic in Basel, Jelena Jankovic in Brandenton, Florida, and Janko Tipsarevic in Barcelona. (Roland Garros via Bob Larson)

More on a Serbian: Nole keeps tapes of all his matches. (Charles Bricker)

ATP ‘fraid of fixing: The ATP recently sent out a memo warning its members of the perils of gambling. “You could be the target of organised crime and/or professional gamblers… Gambling on your sport and/or match fixing will corrupt the sport and ruin your career…” (Telegraph)

It refuses to be the red-surfaced stepsister: Not to be outdone by the Brits, Roland Garros will also undergo its own makeover. They hope to have a retractable roof by the 2011 tournament. (Reuters)

Fashion flashback: Remember Balzac? Is that the same company that made skirts for Steffi Graf and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario?

Janko on Marat: “Well, Marat is, in my opinion, maybe the most talented player in the world. I think for him — this might sound a little bit harsh, but for him tennis is like a toy, because when it’s interesting for him, no one in the world can beat him. But then when it’s not interesting for him, he just doesn’t, you know, show his talent or his tennis the way he can play, you know.” (Roland Garros, via Bob Larson)

A Kiwi sets us straight: As Marina Erakovic tells The New Zealand Herald, pro tennis can be a lonely venture.

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flashback: jimmy and johnny mac

July 2, 2007


This piece in the Daily Mail by Aubree Connors — that’s Jimmy Connors‘ daughter — isn’t earth-shattering, but I thought that the accompanying photo of her dad and John McEnroe (above) was worth posting. Enjoy!

NYT is my porn

July 2, 2007


Today’s slightly off-topic post comes from the New York Times and their article about Wrangler and the fashionization of cowboy denim — like, pants that can actually withstand the rigors of rodeo. Two things to note: their main style for that line is 13MWZ (which stands for “men’s Western zipper”) and they have a premium brand called Wrangler47, which is carried at Barneys New York and other stores.

Bonus round: There’s also a video by Collier Schorr, who interviews some cowboys staying at the Cinderella Motel during a competition. Why do I feel like I’m watching a Sean Cody clip?

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fashion focus: the many looks of akiko morigami

July 2, 2007

The spectacle of Swan Lake dresses, surreal hair extensions, and gold gear can make it easy to overlook consistent fashion performers on the tennis circuit. We at Tennis Served Fresh like to call them out when we spot them. Today’s post is on the many looks of Akiko Morigami in Fila.

(JFTR, Akiko would have buried Venus in the Graveyard of Champions had their third round match not been postponed because of rain.)

For the grass season she chose to go with separates. Her top has ruffled sleeves, a (ruffled) gathered waist, and is bisected by a black curved line that gives the otherwise white top some definition. For Eastbourne, her kit was blue with white trim (below, right).

Morigami paired her cute lace skirt with a black/navy blue fabric belt.

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us.

morigami-fila-wimbledon1.jpg morigami-fila-wimbledon2.jpg morigami-fila-wimbledon3.jpg morigami-fila-eastbourne.jpg

Click here to see the rest of her 2007 Fila dresses…

You think pairing plaid pants with a floral print bowtie is a bad decision? Think again.

July 2, 2007


In a decision more horrible than wearing purple pajama pants to a formal fundraiser (run by Chris Evert, no less), NBC Sports has decided to end its contract with Bud Collins after this year’s Wimbledon. The tennis broadcasting mainstay, after 35 years of service to the network, won’t be part of the NBC team as it heads “in a different direction”. Boo.

Love him or hate him (I personally can’t stand the guy — his outfits drive me crazy!), you have to admit that he’s done a lot for the sport:

He’s part of that old style of sensational journalism that made reading tennis news fun. He coined the nicknames Fraulein Forehand, Barcelona Bumblebee, Sisters Sledgehammer (can you tell who he’s referring to?). And the world has not been the same since the publishing of The Tennis Encyclopedia.

Like Charles Bricker, I’m less worried about where Bud will end up and more concerned about who’ll take his spot at NBC. My vote? Darren Cahill. He’s been amazing on ESPN so far this week.

(If you’d like to give NBC your two cents, do so here.)

(Charles Bricker, via On the Baseline)

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