fashion focus: the many looks of akiko morigami


The spectacle of Swan Lake dresses, surreal hair extensions, and gold gear can make it easy to overlook consistent fashion performers on the tennis circuit. We at Tennis Served Fresh like to call them out when we spot them. Today’s post is on the many looks of Akiko Morigami in Fila.

(JFTR, Akiko would have buried Venus in the Graveyard of Champions had their third round match not been postponed because of rain.)

For the grass season she chose to go with separates. Her top has ruffled sleeves, a (ruffled) gathered waist, and is bisected by a black curved line that gives the otherwise white top some definition. For Eastbourne, her kit was blue with white trim (below, right).

Morigami paired her cute lace skirt with a black/navy blue fabric belt.

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us.

morigami-fila-wimbledon1.jpg morigami-fila-wimbledon2.jpg morigami-fila-wimbledon3.jpg morigami-fila-eastbourne.jpg


At the Asian Games in Doha.



At the Australian Open. Love the pleats!


Pretty in ruffled pink at Roland Garros.


In Prague.


At the Foro Italico in Rome.


2 Responses to “fashion focus: the many looks of akiko morigami”

  1. tacc Says:

    I have noticed her favourite outfit is pretty girly…such as lacy skirts or frilly tanks. However she used to look much better in simple and vivid colour adidas tanks which she wore several years before.

  2. peter miller Says:

    I really liked your blog!

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