kirilenko and stella mccartney at wimbledon ’07



Russian Maria Kirilenko wore this adidas by Stella McCartney spring line dress for her Wimbledon match this year.

The top looks much like the blouse Maria was wearing at this year’s French, which is cute, but that small slit down both legs made the fabric gather awkwardly anytime she had to take big steps.

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us.

kirilenko-wimbledon-2.jpg kirilenko-wimbledon-3.jpg kirilenko-wimbledon-4.jpg kirilenko-wimbledon-5.jpg

kirilenko-wimbledon-6.jpg kirilenko-wimbledon-7.jpg kirilenko-eastbourne-1.jpg kirilenko-eastbourne-2.jpg

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4 Responses to “kirilenko and stella mccartney at wimbledon ’07”

  1. hans Says:

    i like the outfit, not too sexy but nice. elegance

  2. Angela Says:

    It’s nice outfit… maria kirienko!

  3. fashion focus: nike digs into adidas archives for maria’s wimbledon kit « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] but we’re a little disappointed that this looks like Maria Kirilenko’s 2007 outfit: the tuxedo shirt dress from adidas by Stella […]

  4. nikeaaa Says:

    i like the outfit, not too sexy but nice. elegance

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