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fashion focus: farewell, maria (pt. 2)

July 5, 2007

You’d think we’d be done already, but Maria Sharapova has left more Wimbledon fashion bits in her wake.

Here’s a look at the Nike Wimbledon Blazer Lux, the shoe SLAMXHYPE announced that Masha would wear for this year’s tournament.


Nike’s design team started with a reengineered version of the iconic Blazer basketball shoe made specifically for women. As with the rest of the Grand Slam Lux line, it has elements like premium leather and satin ribbon laces.

The sneaker’s mostly white, which sticks with the tournament’s dress policy. The shoe also ties in the sport theme with “debossed tennis netting on the upper” and green (aka grass) blocking on the outsole. The ruffles on the shoe’s backtab makes this a good match for her Swan Lake dress — the dress everyone HATES but I love.


Maria got over-ruffled, perhaps? Because she ended up wearing this ho-hum pair (above).

What do you think of this Blazer Lux? Tell us.

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video of the day: white boys who rap

July 5, 2007

Have you ever tried doing it? Eunice has, and she failed miserably.

Here’s Vince Spadea giving it a shot.

(via Guardian Unlimited Sport blog)

Edit: speaking of white boys rapping, check out Destructo Bunny (from Merced, CA). He’s pretty good, and one of the nicest and humblest people you’ll ever meet.

michael stich and serena williams

July 5, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle‘s award-winning journalist Bruce Jenkins wrapped up the latest ado about Serena quite nicely, explaning that the two-time Wimbledon champ had no reason to “act” her way to a fourth round win over Daniela Hantuchova. And it makes sense: who would want to fake a leg cramp that likely led to a slip (and a sprained thumb) that later cost her the quarterfinal match against Henin?

I could have lived without Serena saying that she could have beaten Justine if she was healthy. While that might be true, prize money and titles aren’t handed out in hypotheticals. There was no need for her to cheapen Henin’s win in a match that was contested fair and square. Serena is a great athlete “full of integrity”, but sometimes she’s also “full of herself”.

She continues to make people talk, and former champion (and BBC commentator) Michael Stich, who called Serena out on being disrespectful, became the latest pariah. Speaking of Michael, he has a non-profit devoted to HIV/AIDS awareness working extensively with infected children in German-speaking countries.

[via Kenneth in the (212) — link NSFW]

before friday, all the russians fall

July 5, 2007

1) Venus Williams continues to tear through the draw with a 6-3, 6-4 win over fifth seed Svetlana Kuznetsova. Venus reaches the semi-finals as the twenty-third seed.


2) Nikolay Davydenko lost in three sets to Marcos Baghdatis. I really thought Davydenko would win, but he’s been lackluster so I’m not surprised. And I didn’t give Marcos enough credit. I guess he’s not just coasting on emotional fumes anymore a la 2006. (And he’s seeded tenth, after all).

Okay, now we’ve seen a version of Kolya’s Airness shirt in every color imaginable. It’s time to change the cut of his kit, people!


3) And Mikhail Youzhny took two sets off Rafa Nadal but lost in five. Here he is wearing adidas.

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if you can’t say anything nice…

July 5, 2007

I’m sure the ATP Tour players are all in love with Pete Sampras right now. In a New York Times article published yesterday, he scoffed at how Wimbledon has unfolded so far this year:

In summary, Sampras doesn’t think much of the grass-court tennis currently being played. He doesn’t sound terribly convinced that he — soon to turn 36, five years after he walked away from tennis after winning his 14th Grand Slam title at the United States Open — couldn’t still get to the net against these guys, put away vintage Pistol Pete volleys.

The “sad” problem, as Sampras sees it, is that players have surrendered to the slower conditions, the stronger rackets, the fear of risk. He has been watching Federer hang on the baseline, toy with lesser players who won’t dare push him the way Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg and Goran Ivanisevic and Patrick Rafter used to chip, charge and challenge Sampras across the 1990s.

Smart move, Pete. Put your mouth where the money is. Now I can’t wait to see you play Federer in those Asian exhibitions this fall.

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djokovic’s ritual: winning = showing some skin

July 5, 2007



More for the Novak Djokovic Shirtless File, these photos from his tight fourth round match against the Aussie Lleyton Hewitt. (Djokovic won three of the four sets in tiebreaks.)

Pics of Lleyton, wife Bec, Novak, and Novak’s parents…

sa watch: wimbledon edition

July 5, 2007

After this year’s Wimbledon, everyone’s going home with their own “crazy rain delay” story. For example, Robin Soderling lost his fellow players’ respect after his marathon match with Nadal, Venus survived a scare against Morigami, and Brazilian doubles pair Andre Sa and Marcelo Melo, well, uhm…

…they beat Hanley and Ulyett after a record-setting fifth set (28-26). Bad weather forced the match to span almost six hours over five days.

Sa said: “We were lucky to have Gustavo Kuerten here with us. Guga watched the game and gave us some help with the match and also gave us the confidence to believe we can go out there and win. With results like this he might get a full-time coaching job, but we think he will probably be too expensive!”

sa-melo-wimbledon2.jpg sa-melo-wimbledon3.jpg sa-melo-wimbledon41.jpg


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