michael stich and serena williams


San Francisco Chronicle‘s award-winning journalist Bruce Jenkins wrapped up the latest ado about Serena quite nicely, explaning that the two-time Wimbledon champ had no reason to “act” her way to a fourth round win over Daniela Hantuchova. And it makes sense: who would want to fake a leg cramp that likely led to a slip (and a sprained thumb) that later cost her the quarterfinal match against Henin?

I could have lived without Serena saying that she could have beaten Justine if she was healthy. While that might be true, prize money and titles aren’t handed out in hypotheticals. There was no need for her to cheapen Henin’s win in a match that was contested fair and square. Serena is a great athlete “full of integrity”, but sometimes she’s also “full of herself”.

She continues to make people talk, and former champion (and BBC commentator) Michael Stich, who called Serena out on being disrespectful, became the latest pariah. Speaking of Michael, he has a non-profit devoted to HIV/AIDS awareness working extensively with infected children in German-speaking countries.

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4 Responses to “michael stich and serena williams”

  1. laker girl Says:

    wow, sum pretty harsh words for serena. so she is dramatic a bit, yeah i would be to if i cramped up like that and it hella hurts. michael chang cramped up @ the french and came back to win, pete sampras cramped up @ davis cup vs russia and came back to win and they are considered warriors but when serena does it she’s dramatic!! lol, i don’t think that is a fair assessment.

    what i think is that there are just some serena haters out there and no matter what serena does she will always be srutinized. 8 time grand slam winner, olympic gold medal @ the Syndey games with her sister, winner of all 4 major slams, and former #1 and she STILL gets dissed time and time again and needing to prove herself at each event in my opinion is mind boggling lol. henin is not the princess herself, did we all forget what happened @ the Australian Open last yr when she quit! at least Serena DID NOT QUIT!

  2. Jack Shrew Says:

    Would does working with AIDS babies have anything to do with the ignorance of Stichs comments.

    As far as Im concerned, Tennis is by nature a selfish sport. If Serena appears to be full of herself to some, So be it, but when she’s on the Court she give it all. Some of are greatest players now reveared were hated in their heydey. It just seems to be hand in hand with being the best. I mean look how bad people treated Seles even after she was stabbed they said that she was overplaying it…..I not lets get into the backstabbing and ruthlessess that goes on behind the scenes that in part is what lead Andrea Jaeger to the nun hood.

    If I were the Williams I’d say, who cares…say what you want. I would stop trying to proof or make excuses. In fact if I were serena I’d say ” You know, next time I’ll be even MORE dramatic”

    People will always believe what they want and you can never change it…..

    Please never give your opponent credit either in public if you don’t want to….because its not like your hurting their feelings?

  3. ptcruiser100 Says:

    While it may true that Serena’s comment about how she would have played against Henin was not exactly sporting the ill feeling between these two players is real. I don’t play Serena for not giving Henin her due after that stunt Henin pulled a few years ago in a match against Serena at the French Open. Ms. Henin never apologized or publicly acknowledged that she did signal time out to Serena just as the film footage clearly showed. The only thing Serena Williams owes Justine Henin is half the sidewalk.

  4. Orville Says:

    I disagree, Serena is an 8 time grand slam champion she has the results to back up her comments. I find the negativity against the Williams Sisters is a mixture of racism but also sexism. Male athletes make bold statements or speak their minds and no one says anything. But God forbid a black woman in a still very racist white sport gives her opinion and people are so quick to bash her. I commend Serena Williams for speaking up against that loser Michael Stich. Stich has no right to criticize Serena. And Stich comments are typical of the white tennis establishment.

    And of course its NOT a surprise your blog ignored the very IMPORTANT fact this is the 50th anniversary of Althea Gibson victory at Wimbledon and breaking the colour barrier. Of course your blog, the white media and the racist All England Club ignored that.

    I found Michael Stich comments to be typical of white tennis commentators. Whenever the Williams Sisters play just like clockwork white people always got something negative to say about them. Its not surprising that the mainstream white media attacked Serena since covert racism against the Williams Sisters is standard in the tennis world. The Williams Sisters are very strong and intelligent black women they are also tennis champions. The Williams Sisters do not care what white people think about them they let their rackets do the talking. And last time I checked Venus has won Wimbledon 4 times she is in elite territory. The Williams Sisters have also won Wimbledon 6 out of the last 8 years they are legends black women succeeding in a still very racist white dominated sport.

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