fashion focus: vaidisova’s golden performance



Czech Nicole Vaidisova left her golden mark at this year’s Wimbledon with a quiet and impressive quarterfinal appearance (after being drowned out by Serbia-mania throughout the first week).

She made her run dressed in a white Reebok dress with gold trim; she’ll wear one in a blue/silver colorway for the U.S. Open later this year.

This outfit’s thin lines are much more flattering than the huge white swaths that cut through her dresses at the Australian and the French (in yellow and orange, respectively).

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us.

vaidisova-2-wimbledon.jpg vaidisova-3-wimbledon.jpg vaidisova-4-wimbledon.jpg

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One Response to “fashion focus: vaidisova’s golden performance”

  1. mcrob Says:

    stunning dress and stunning young lady
    The most elegant on tour

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