fashion focus: one last look at roger


Light posting today… I’ll be at the beach. Besides, we’re all going to be glued to NBC watching the men’s semis, right? (Congrats, Venus!)

So I’ve found more detail photos for Roger‘s Nike Wimbledon kit, via Eugene Kan at Hypebeast.


That blazer looks itchy. God bless lining.

And another version of his golden shoe — but with purple Swiss flags this time — wimbledon-federer-shoes-purple.jpg



3 Responses to “fashion focus: one last look at roger”

  1. laker girl Says:

    Wow….niiice! A little Gold touch like the Williams sisters gold racket too, looks nice 🙂 Roger is soo suave lol.

  2. deedp Says:


  3. Abdullah Says:

    i can’t say anything about it

    but it’s very nice

    and i wana buy it
    but where can i find it in the internet
    or even any of Roger’s apparel

    i’ll be waiting for ur repley

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