(men’s) final thoughts + ralph lauren at wimbledon: a closer look


Whoa I hope you all caught as much of that final as you could. (For us West Coasters, it was hard getting up at 6 a.m. to watch it from the beginning. But even if you only caught the last set or two, you still got a treat.)

Everyone who’s saying that Roger is boring can start slowly shoving it; the man has character on the court (now that the rivalry is heating up). The U.S. Open will be juicy, since neither Federer nor Nadal get home court advantage…


But before we get ahead of ourselves, we still have more Wimbledon to tackle. Polo Ralph Lauren and their ambassador to Wimbledon, Boris Becker, launched a temporary 24-hour interactive store for the fortnight. RL installed the same techonology in a New York store during last year’s U.S. Open.


And here are more photos of the officials and ballkids from the tournament.

wimbledon-linejudge-1.jpg wimbledon-linejudge-3.jpg wimbledon-ballboy.jpg ballgirl-wristband.jpg

Food for thought: the BBC does a quick look on theories behind uniform design.

Edit: And if you want to take these kits home with you, we got some additional pricing info from Telegraph: “The cost of the men’s ensemble (including jacket at £420; shirt £80; sweater £230; tie £50; trousers £175; sleeveless jumper £185; etc) is £1,765. With skirt and trouser options, the female official’s outfit is £1,915 and the ball boys and girls each wear £725 of kit.” Jesus Christ that’s expensive.

Edit #2: And Becker did put his money where his mouth is. From columnist Charles Sale in yesterday’s Daily Mail: “BORIS BECKER may have been paid around £250,000 to be Wimbledon ambassador for Ralph Lauren, which included ambush marketing on the BBC by appearing in a heavily branded jacket. But Becker liked the range enough to have spent more than £10,000 in the Bond Street store last week.”

(USA Today)

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3 Responses to “(men’s) final thoughts + ralph lauren at wimbledon: a closer look”

  1. butter Says:

    well, I guess I might as well get to it—-shoving it!

    but, I appreciated Rodge today, although I know Rafa brings out the not-so-Boring Federer! I’m still sad!!!! so that’s it.

  2. Troy Says:

    Love the ball boy shorts – any idea of where one could get them? (or something similar)

  3. Erwin Says:

    Not sure about the shorts, but they are selling their shirts on the wimbledon website. You can see that (and all the other goods) here.

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