short balls: venus’ necklace, Sochi grumbles, tiger’s lame, blake pens a tearjerker, etc.


Venus’ jewelry: A few of you asked about Venus‘ Wimbledon necklace. Unfortunately I have no information about where she got it from. Instead, I offer the New York Timesrecent slideshow on current necklace styles. Ellen Tien has an amazing eye for this stuff.

Venus and Reebok: CNBC’s Darren Rovell talks about the relationship between Venus and Reebok (basically, that her endorsement — the largest in women’s sports history — was not renewed in 2003 because of her erratic playing schedule; she still gets paid to wear Reebok even though she’s not on their athlete roster).

A tearjerker: Rovell also gives a great review of the new James Blake memoir, Breaking Back: How I Lost Everything and Won Back My Life. Blake has had a rough last couple of years…

Sochi grumbles: We’re all aware of Maria Sharapova‘s endorsement of Sochi as an Olympics site. Now the other side speaks up. (Spiegel)

More grumbling: This time from the All-England Club, who didn’t appreciate that London Mayor Ken Livingstone planned the beginning of this year’s Tour de France on the same Sunday as the Gentlemen’s Singles Championships. The cycling tournament caused road closures that hassled spectators trying to get to Wimbledon. And the AELTC didn’t want to share the spotlight with any other event with such an international focus (which make sense).

Tiger is lame: I think Tiger Woods is a great guy, but did he really need to be such a douchebag in that Gillette commercial that aired during Wimbledon? In it, Roger Federer strokes Tiger’s presumably smooth (post-shave) cheek, and Tiger turns to Thierry Henry with an awkward “uhh, did he just do that?” reaction.

For you French77 lovers, a treat: Puma is having an online sale (which includes items from the French77 collection); take 20% off your order when you use the coupon code PUMA20 during checkout. Expires July 23. (via Puma)

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8 Responses to “short balls: venus’ necklace, Sochi grumbles, tiger’s lame, blake pens a tearjerker, etc.”

  1. Topaz Says:

    The commentators mentioned that Venus’ jade pendant was purchased by Venus during a Hong Kong shopping trip, and that she has a hard time keeping it away from Serena.

  2. Erwin Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Topaz.

  3. maddawg Says:

    Fuck Tiger Woods, his slutty wife, and, the 2 racist black guys on 1st & 10 today that think Tiger Woods is more dominant than Roger Federer.

  4. Erwin Says:

    uhh what happened at First and 10th?

  5. maddawg Says:

    The 2 live Stews (google them, they guest co-hosted 1st & 10 today)…don’t know anything about tennis…one of them claimed that Venus and Serena were by far a level above every other player on tour, HELLO HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF JUSTINE HENIN! Also one of them made inane remarks about Federer crying after the match, and he said “he crys after every match”…yeah sure buddy…you would know, because you watch him play all the time. OMG AND THEN THEY DISRESPECTED RAFAEL NADAL…FUCK ESPN.

  6. Erwin Says:

    I read a blog post this morning that also called Roger out for crying. They were like, “why are you crying? this isn’t the first time you’ve won a wimbledon title.” and they said that it was disrespectful to Rafa. Uhm, clearly they didn’t understand the situation Roger was in. He’s a little lost (and still without a coach), he’s having his invincibility threatened by Rafa chipping away at his confidence, and he was about to get beaten on his home court. give the guy a break!

  7. butter Says:

    I watched 1st & 10 today as well. Apparently those two guys commenting on Roger’s emotions on winning slams don’t know tennis!!!!! I only watched the part about Rodge and Rafa, and boy was it annoying! I mean c’mon, even Michael Jordan cries on his achievements and nobody complained!!!!

    Another one, I watched Around the Horn today too, and damn it what’s wrong with those guys debating about the Nadal-Federer rivalry??? Actually, they won’t even recognize it as a rivalry, had it been Federer-Roddick, I bet they’d be like: “OMG, this is the greatest thing that ever happened to tennis!” Apparently, tennis in America is underrated.

  8. butter Says:

    E. about the Gillette commercial, I don’t think it’s Tiger being a douche. I think it’s part of the script. 😉 thought it was pretty okay

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