short balls: nike online and in print, roger’s on-court meltdown, a taste of bud, etc.



Nike in print: A recent issue of Arena Homme Plus goes behind the scenes of Terry Richardson‘s photo shoot for this Nike campaign by W+K Studio. Tennis players included in the shoot were Maria Sharapova and (I believe) Roger Federer.

Bonus round: The issue also has a great editorial based on John Galliano‘s fall 2007 show. Some NSFW photos here. (via Made in Brazil)

Nike on video: The newest ad that opens the Nike website is a tribute to 11-time Grand Slam titleist Federer. A surprisingly humorous Tiger Woods voices the piece. I guess the stone-cold best friends are finally showing a range of emotions, eh?

Roger? Emoting?: None of you missed the post-victory sobfest, but you might have missed Federer falling apart in the hands of Hawk-Eye during Sunday’s match. Mark Hodgkinson of the Telegraph recaps:

Federer, a tennis conservative, has always been against the introduction of Hawk-Eye, and he was as angry as he had ever been on Centre Court when an ‘out’ call on one of Nadal‘s shots was successfully challenged by the Spaniard in the fourth set. The Hawk-Eye replay suggested that the ball had hit the baseline; Federer thought otherwise. It was then that Federer asked umpire Carlos Ramos whether the machine could be turned off. Ramos declined but also seemed to suggest that he had thought the ball had landed long.

The Hawk-Eye review gave Nadal a break point, which he converted for a 3-0 lead, and Federer continued to complain during the change of ends. “How in the world was that ball in? S***. Look at the score now. It’s killing me, Hawk-Eye is killing me,” the Swiss said. So, a system which was introduced to prevent McEnroe-style rants at officialdom actually left one of the sport’s gentlest champions fuming.

Hometown girl: adidas by Stella McCartney will present its spring/summer 2008 at London Fashion Week. McCartney plans to close Fashion week with a special event (but not a runway show) on September 20. Maria Kirilenko — Stella’s tennis muse — must be ecstatic!

Have you tasted Bud?: For those of you unfamiliar with the print work of journalist and former (le sigh) NBC Sports member Bud Collins, here’s his latest article in The Boston Globe.

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