short balls: a stroll down memory lane…


I just came back from a preview screening of Ken Burns‘s upcoming WWII documentary for PBS. They did it at the Los Angeles VA. Man, I’d never seen so many Members Only jackets worn unironically and by their original owners; it was great. The preview was good, too. The seven-part series will air beginning Sept. 23. I would say “check local listings”, but I should probably say “make sure to TiVo”.


Anyway, I just want to thank everyone again for all your kind words about this blog. It’s really fun to write and it’s definitely revived my passion for tennis. New visitors drop by everyday. (Keep coming back!) And I’m always looking to hear from you all, so comment or e-mail me if you have anything on your mind.

Historic tennis figures: It’s time to recognize our veterans in the tennis world. Here’s a list of the sport’s most influential as determined by It’s a good mix of the usual suspects (the Williams sisters, Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors) and the obscure (Herman Davis, Lamar Hunt, Gladys Heldman).

Kim is Enciente: The soon-to-be Mrs. Brian Lynch is pregnant with her first child. (IHT)

Does Masha deserve a spot?: The Russian Fed Cup camp is seething over Maria Sharapova‘s withdrawal from this weekend’s tie. We know she has a valid reason (shoulder injury), but others are accusing her of “limping” her way into a spot in next year’s Russian Olympic tennis team. What’s your take? Tell us. (Reuters)

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