is he serious?


Even fourteen years after it happened, jokes about the Monica Seles stabbing are still. not. funny.


11 Responses to “is he serious?”

  1. Glenn Davis Says:

    Is he serious? No, and I hoped the whole posting would be absurd enough to make it obvious what a ridiculous thing I, along with any other slightly functioning person, thinks it is to actually physically ATTACK someone to allow a rival to “overtake” them. For the record, Nadal is a phenomenal player and I wish nothing but a long, fruitful career for him, and Monica Seles was another phenomenal player who did absolutely nothing to deserve having her career messed with in ANY way, much less like that.

  2. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the alert. What a horrific event; what a lame, lazy attempt at humor.

    This was interesting, Navratilova’s comments:

  3. Topaz Says:

    I agree…not funny.

  4. Nick Says:

    Not funny at all.

  5. Joshua Says:

    Oh come on now . . .

    The Monica Seles stabbing was pretty funny! We routinely laugh at Nancy Kerrigan taking a pipe to the knee, why does the inclusion of a little blood make something nonfunny?

  6. Jon Says:

    No, it actually wasn’t at all funny.

    I admit, I used to poke fun at Nancy Kerrigan’s response and plight. (She didn’t help herself that she was so ungrateful for a silver medal and then a Disney parade appearance and then…)

    Perhaps taking a pipe to the knee seems like innocuous fun because it comes across as a game of CLUE gone bad. (Tonya’s henchman, with the pipe, behind the hallway curtain.) The man didn’t seem to intend to kill her by any means. Conversely, we still don’t know (and likely never will) what Seles’s attacker, Gunther Parche, intended in reality.

    I read Seles’s autobiography awhile back, and she notes the occurrence of the Kerrigan attack, watching it on TV and thinking “It’s happened again; another female athlete’s been attacked.” She responded in horror and flashed to her own traumatic experience.

    Upon reading that part of the book, I resolved to not make fun of Kerrigan’s “Why me?” reaction anymore. We don’t know what they felt or went through.

    It’s not funny. The End.

  7. hcfoo Says:

    There isn’t anything funny when someone is almost got killed.

  8. Hash Says:

    This is definitely not funny.Monica won 8 GS as a teenager.She was unstoppable at GS and season ending championships.Seles was attacked to allow Graf overtake her.Graf benefited a great deal,no doubt.
    Poor Seles was attacked because she was a better player,she was the one winning the majors.She didnt do anything to see her career ruined and her rival’s zoom to the skies at her cost.

  9. Tennis Says:

    Becoming a celebrity has always been a dangerous business…. The perks aren’t always worth it…

  10. MrSam Says:

    I wish they would have executed that worthless piece of crap.

  11. Ritchie Perkins Says: can you say “a little blood” and the fact this ruined her career is funny? I dont understand where you are coming from. I sure dont want to be stabbed in the back.

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