marat’s so close yet so far away, aka “i drown myself in fila”


Marat Safin is as close to me as he’ll ever be. He’s playing at the Countrywide Classic at UCLA — a mere fifteen minutes from my office. I can almost hear him break his racquets from where I’m sitting. Alas, I can’t afford tickets right now. Le sigh. (Hopefully Kat will send me updates from the stands?)

In the meantime I will drown my sorrows in some Fila. A quick e-mail to their headquarters revealed info about Akiko Morigami‘s kit from Wimbledon. Her clothing sponsor, Fila Japan, designed a special make-up for her that sold exclusively in that country.


The line’s called Classico. They do a good job mixing feminine feel with athletic wear by incorporating lacework and ruffles into the pieces. What do you think of the collection? Tell us.

See detail photos after the cut…






>> fashion focus: the many looks of akiko morigami
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5 Responses to “marat’s so close yet so far away, aka “i drown myself in fila””

  1. butter Says:

    oh my… I wish I was at UCLA! darn………

  2. Joshua Says:

    The shirt with the bedazzled tennis racket is serious gross.

  3. Erwin Says:

    Joshua — those are holes (not rhinestones), in case it makes a difference… It’s the weakest of the tops, but i like that it’s whimsical.

  4. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I INDEED was at his first-round match late last night at UCLA and thought of you (check out my early morning blog entry; there’s even a fashion note). Thankfully, Marat advanced, and I’m going to try and attend his second-round match too…

  5. ria Says:

    the skirt is hot!

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