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short balls: from both sides of the pond, juniors tennis, masha mania continues, etc.

July 18, 2007

Girls — read it and weep: Junior tennis titles do not serve as a predictor of pro success. Of the 20 champions at a Virginia Beach tourney, only two — Lindsay Davenport and Meghan Shaughnessy — cracked the Top 20 and won SEWTA titles. Two others cracked the Top 50. The rest didn’t do so hot. (The Virginian-Pilot via Zoo Tennis)

But it’s not all bad:’s Peter Bodo reminds us that Donald Young is a man who can back up the hype. Justin Gimelstob also chimes in about this 2007 Wimbledon juniors champ.

ESPN continues to tout Sharapova: Even though Serena Williams and Roger Federer have much better tennis credentials than Sharapova, the Russian continues to eclipse them in pop cultural significance. This time, she’s the only tennis player left standing in Page 2’s “Who’s Now” contest.

From both sides of the pond: British Prime Minister shows off his tennis guns while Britney Spears beefs up her arsenal. The pop star was spotted at a toy store picking up a racquet and some balls. Perhaps she’s made another play date with former hitting partner Howie Day?

(OT) From Pringles to Papier Maché: Rumors abound that an Olympic stadium in London could be built out of papier maché. As long as it doesn’t crumble like potato chips, we’ll be fine with it. (Sports Management magazine)

(OT, pt. 2) The new gilded age: Check out this New York Times article on how modern day robber barons deal with their wealth.


mothers who play: bammer, davenport, clijsters?!

July 18, 2007

Laguna Beach denizen Lindsay Davenport is contemplating a return to pro tennis, being lured back into play by the prospect of playing in the Beijing Olympics and adding to the gold medal she won at the ’96 games in Atlanta.

Perhaps she’s also itching to play on the U.S. hardcourts which she has traditionally done well on. The reason doesn’t matter, really — we’re just excited to have her back!


Newlywed (and expecting) Kim Clijsters will follow in her footsteps, I hope. I’m sure Lindsay and Sybille Bammer will save the Belgian a seat in the SEWTA mommy table.

(via Kim Clijsters’ website)

selling tennis: take a page from rugby’s book

July 18, 2007


Another eye-popping rugby ad (remember the adidas posters printed with blood?), this time from French tourism site C’est So Paris. They plan to lure Londoners into the City of Love with these cool ads, hoping to fill seats for upcoming World Cup matches.

Tennis needs to take a page from this. We get to use the “love” pun as liberally as Paris…

How about posters of Nadal and Federer making out? Talk about getting publicity… Or what about Nole and Andy Murray? Gasquet (even though we all know he’s STRAIGHT) and Roddick mashing? What was that, ATP? You need other match-ups? The slash fic (NSFW) fans are on it. Google more at your own risk.

(via towleroad)

>> adidas’ bloody (and award-winning) ad campaign

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