selling tennis: take a page from rugby’s book



Another eye-popping rugby ad (remember the adidas posters printed with blood?), this time from French tourism site C’est So Paris. They plan to lure Londoners into the City of Love with these cool ads, hoping to fill seats for upcoming World Cup matches.

Tennis needs to take a page from this. We get to use the “love” pun as liberally as Paris…

How about posters of Nadal and Federer making out? Talk about getting publicity… Or what about Nole and Andy Murray? Gasquet (even though we all know he’s STRAIGHT) and Roddick mashing? What was that, ATP? You need other match-ups? The slash fic (NSFW) fans are on it. Google more at your own risk.

(via towleroad)

>> adidas’ bloody (and award-winning) ad campaign


6 Responses to “selling tennis: take a page from rugby’s book”

  1. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I’m with you, Erwin. I’d like to see more ATP players making out and SELLING IT! Or perhaps a saucy calendar like the one of the French rugby players (Dieux Du Stade) …
    P.S. Robby Ginperi and Marat Safin OF COURSE would be my love match-up of choice.

  2. pharell45 Says:

    when did anyone say Gasquet was gay? is there any proof? links?

  3. Erwin Says:


    Grabbed from LatinGLO

    “In the French magazine Le Point it was reported that 46-year-old married French businessman Arnaud Lagardere was having an affair with the tennis pro. The magazine sparked more speculations, but it is a rumor that Lagardere vehemently denies.”

  4. Rosemary Says:

    hmmm weird

  5. chris Says:

    that fanfic stuff is messed up!

  6. elijahspeaks Says:

    i love this ad. makes me want to fall in love…

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