fashion flashback: andy roddick’s lacoste bag



Andy Roddick was only lugging around a Babolat bag at this year’s Wimbledon, but he’s gone all fashionista on us before: above is a photo of Andy’s white duffel from two years ago.

I’ve seen a version of it up close at my local Lacoste shop and contemplated picking one up. It’s no longer available online, but I found others:


That’s the Retro Street tennis bag, the Sport Retro tennis bag, and the Summer Terry beach bag — all available at Which one’s your fave? Tell us.

(Andy photo via RoddickWatch)

>> sans red knickers, lacoste took center stage
>> the andy roddick show
>> at roland garros, roddick did something right


4 Responses to “fashion flashback: andy roddick’s lacoste bag”

  1. Retro Fashion Says:

    I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

  2. g Says:

    I am looking for the Retro Street white bag, but Macy’s does not have it anymore. Where can i find it?

  3. Tommy Hilfiger Store Says:

    Of all the great retro fashion designers of out time it is my humble opinion that Tommy Hilfiger is one of the greatest and most successful we have ever seen. He exudes success and his product range is of the highest quality and made from the best raw materials.

  4. Cessie Says:

    how much for the black lacoste street retro bag?

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