short balls: haas canoodles, blake dishes, tursunov makes a plea


From the sidelines: Yep, that’s German Tommy Haas at last night’s match between Safin and Bastl at UCLA. Haas isn’t defending his Countrywide Classic title due to a shoulder injury. He’s nursing it with some lovin’ from…Sandy Woelden? …Sara Foster? Who is it? (Thanks for the photo, Chris.)

Glowing shuttlecocks!: While night tennis might have failed, everyone’s a-ravin’ about Blackminton.

Bollietteri’s New York outpost: He’s joining the staff at CityView Racquet Club, the newest addition to NYC’s tennis scene. Now accepting applications, the club will have valet parking, limo service, and a tiny membership — which’ll guarantee you a court when you want one. (via UrbanDaddy NYC)

Tursunov rallies for support: At a tournament overshadowed by the arrival of Becks, Norcal-based Dmitry Tursunov makes a plea to his fellow players: promote the sport any way they can, be a little friendlier with the fans, and do things to keep them coming back.

Revealing the secrets of celebrity: You want to become the next Anna Kournikova? Follow this L.A.-based agent’s instructions.

Tennis non-whites: The New York Times Book Review wrote up James Blake‘s Breaking Back and Charging the Net by Cecil Harris and Larryette Kyle-DeBose. While Blake doesn’t reveal much dirt in his own book — likely because he still needs to show his face on the tour — he makes comments about the racial battles being fought on the courts in Charging the Net. On the brouhaha surrounding his ’01 U.S. Open match against Lleyton Hewitt:

“(Lleyton and I) talked about it in the locker room, and he did apologize. … He said he didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did. … I knew we would both be on the tour for a long time, and I told him that if he said anything like that again, I wouldn’t be so kind.”

(via NYT)

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3 Responses to “short balls: haas canoodles, blake dishes, tursunov makes a plea”

  1. butter Says:

    I don’t think it’s Sarah Foster (?!!!)
    If I could recall correctly, Sarah has dark locks.

    goshdarnit who cares? hahaha….(okay okay butter is such a hater!) 😛 I would’ve been more intrigued if it was Marat who’s canoodling with his girlfriend (if he has one) ahahaha……… 😉

  2. Erwin Says:

    Sorry, no one sent me pics of Marat with a lady friend… Don’t worry — I’ll post them if they turn up!

  3. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I saw Tommy and his lady canoodling too on Monday night at Marat’s 1st round match vs. Guccione, but I don’t know who she was. And thankfully, I haven’t seen Marat around with a lady friend. BUT, I will say that Tommy’s lady seems to be into tennis and/or Marat ’cause she was definitely appreciating the match (when she wasn’t kissing Tommy that is).

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