davenport can teach hingis a thing or two…


Josh pointed out that Lindsay Davenport has signed up to play doubles with Lisa Raymond at Pilot Pen, at which point she’ll have been two months out of the hospital after delivering her son Jagger. What a smart way of easing back into the game.

Speaking of, I think Martina Hingis should seriously consider playing more doubles in her second tennis life. The Swiss Miss’ welcome wagon ran out of gas months ago; she’s settled into the #8-#15 rankings after making a good run in tournaments earlier this year. With the game how it is now — women are still hitting with way more power than she can take — her days of winning Grand Slam singles titles are over. Even Tier I titles will be tough. She would make a greater mark on the doubles circuit, and her body would hold up better, too.


4 Responses to “davenport can teach hingis a thing or two…”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    martina and lindsay should be doubles partners. it would be a formidable tandem.

  2. Nez Says:

    yeh ur right bonnie… both of them have displayed great doubles playing skills and i think it is a good idea for the both of them. it would be really good to see them play together… i support the idea 100%

  3. Jon Says:

    I could see Lindsay and Martina really giving Stosur-Raymond a run for their bounty at any Grand Slam. You’ve got that big serve in one partner, and those quick hands in the other. It’d be brilliant. Can the personalities and ego(s) involved take it? That’s the question.

  4. sublimefuries Says:

    I believe Davenport and Hingis will do well together because they respect each other very much. I think they like each other too.

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