fashion focus: u.s. open + polo ralph lauren, pt. 2


Now let’s take a peek at the clothes. Polo Ralph Lauren continues as the official clothing sponsor for this year’s U.S. Open.


Official outfits: That’s the official ballboy outfit on the left and the official lineman outfit on the right. I find the yellow/blue scheme hard on the eyes, but the collar on the track jacket is cute. Still, I prefer the RL grass court uniforms over these. (The Wimbledon collection, for both officials and non-, was just better.)

Other picks: I like the Striped Lisle Polo (shown in red) and the Custom Big Pony Polo (in blue). I’m really in love with the Big Pony logo…


Women’s: The linewoman outfit is on the right. Ho hum. The yellow diagonal stripe on the ballgirl skirt (top row, middle pic) is a nice touch.

Other picks: the orange Elena Polo, the Pony tee (with a Big Pony in gold!!) and the sleeveless pleated dress (also with gold pony).

Buy: As usual, all these items are for sale. Here’s the link.

What do you think of the collection? Tell us.

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4 Responses to “fashion focus: u.s. open + polo ralph lauren, pt. 2”

  1. Monica Magnetti Says:

    I am looking for the polo US Open 2007 shirt for men Blue/yellow in a size medium or large.
    With the writing US open on the right sleeve, probably short sleeves, thanks, please advise

  2. shannon Says:

    better then the uniforms we wear… ksiwss sponsers us and we look dreadful!!!

  3. khalil & breana Says:

    we wold like to ask you is it would be okay if i/we could use uyour polo grafic for our tech fair.


  4. local moving costs Says:

    Total Move

    fashion focus: u.s. open polo ralph lauren, pt. 2 | tennis served fresh

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