short balls: alexandra stevenson should retire, orange county represents, how young is too young?, etc.



First Roger, now Lleyton: Tennis fans Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale get their tennis fix by arranging a playdate between son Kingston and Lleyton Hewitt‘s daughter Mia. (Telegraph)

The train has made its final stop: Columnist Jerry Magee pleads with Alexandra Stevenson to call it a career and hang up her racquet. (San Diego Union Tribune)

The Fed Cup Chronicles: Down the Line! has been following the buzz sourrounding Sharapova and the Russian Fed Cup team, in case you were wondering.

Murray playing smarter: The one-year anniversary of the partnership between Andy Murray and Brad Gilbert is around the corner, and Tim Henman thinks the marriage has done Andy good. (Telegraph)

Irvinian nabbed by IMG, Nike: Along with being the top seed at this week’s USTA Boys’ 18 National Championships, O.C.’s Michael McClune has a deal with Nike and a contract with IMG. Congrats! (Kalamazoo Gazette)

More O.C.: Villa Park’s Lindsey Nelson entered the qualies at last week’s Bank of the West Classic, losing in the second round. I heard she had a quad injury, so I’m glad to see her playing.

Early bird catching worms?: The Postmen doesn’t agree with the decision to send off five-year-old Jan Silva to a French training academy. Is it ever too early to train a kid that intensely? (USA Today)

They can empty your pockets sooner: The self-serve kiosk used by Polo Ralph Lauren at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon received an award at a Vegas trade show. (source)


(OT) In architecture, rise and fall: The Burj Dubai is already the tallest skyscraper in the world and it’s not even completely built. In Johannesburg, Ponte City (above) — the southern hemisphere’s tallest residential skyscraper and an excellent example of brutalism — gets a second wind. Also, the Washington Times mourns the demise of sketching as a trade practice.

(OT) Coke’s subtle makeover: In case you didn’t notice

(OT) Adding to things my countrymen — and one country..err woman — are known for: Surely you’ve seen these awesome performances from a jail in Cebu.

(Ponte City photo via Archidose)


One Response to “short balls: alexandra stevenson should retire, orange county represents, how young is too young?, etc.”

  1. Joshua Says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. I’m not much for commentators telling athletes to quit. As Tim Henman has said, tennis players have a short enough career as it is, why give it up when you are still capable of playing, enjoy playing and are making money. But that’s Alexandra’s problem. She’s dropped well out of the position where she can survive on her tennis winnings, which creates a feedback loop wherein players start to play less, thus lose more matches, thus make even less money . . . she could make more money as a tennis pro at a country club, and would actually get to play players she can beat!

    2. I also noted the story of the little Jan Silva. I’m not sure if I had a five year old (God forbid!) I’d move off to France to raise and train him. But I’m also not sure I care for all this Spanish Inquisition stuff the parents are taking. They’re only doing it for the money! (Tell that to Richard Williams!) They don’t care about this kid! They’re monsters! Five year olds should be playing with Legos! And how old was Maria Sharapova when she came to the United States, again? 8? And how many years had she already been training in Russia? How old was Michelle Kwan when she began skating five hours a day? Dominique Moceanu was winning junior gymnastics tournaments by the time she was ten — so when did she start tumbling on mats? Hell, her career was OVER before she turned 15. And, while we’re on the topic, how many five year olds are actors? The kid seems to enjoy tennis, has real talent for it and wants to play. So, I say let him.

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