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fashion focus: bjorn borg brand

August 1, 2007


Swedish skivvies: Those who are into their specialty underwear (think H&M, American Apparel, Ginch Gonch) probably also know about the wonderful world of Bjorn Borg. The tennis star parlayed his oncourt style into a clothing (and design) brand that has been churning out clothes, footwear, fragrances, and eyewear since 1997. The company’s well known for using provocative advertising (and sexy models) to push their bright clothing. Consider his style the Scandinavian Guga Kuerten (but without the surfer feel).

My picks: Above are my picks from the line’s s/s ’07 underwear collection. And yes: those crazy prints in the top row are houndstooth, tennis balls, and argyle. LOVE IT. What do you think of the designs? Tell us.

Buy: Bjorn Borg underwear available at

Bonus round: You can check out the company’s website (under “Campaign”) to see videos of their last few fashion shows.

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short balls: wednesday

August 1, 2007

Does Dubai have a shortage of Nadal mimics?: Gator Jesse Levine got a call from Roger Federer, who flew the lefty out to the Middle East for some hitting sessions. (Times Leader)

Because Roger could be in trouble: A blogger points out that Nadal is nipping at the heels of R-Fed. The Swiss’ number one spot could be in danger.

Grasping at straws: The USTA wants to toughen up their juniors so they signed ’em up for boot camp. It’s not quite like hitting sessions in a drained out swimming pool, but… (SFSS)

We all have a type, don’t we?: Some hardcore journalism from the Daily Mail, who’s discovered that Boris Becker and ex-wife Barbara Feltus were destined for a romance of some sort; “no fewer than five of (his) lovers have borne a striking similarity” to Barbara, and her current boyfriend is also a scandal-plagued redhead.

Young and out on the field: A great story in the L.A. Times about the current climate for LGB athletes in high school sports programs. For some, it’s good; for some, it’s bad. My one criticism: it would’ve been nice to see how transgender folk are being received…

Stanford through 2012: Unlike its San Diego counterpart (RIP), the Bank of the West Classic in Palo Alto will be around through 2012. (Palo Alto Daily News)

The LTA tries to quantify tennis potential: Tennis mom Judy Murray and the rest of the British gang are really serious about finding future pros. And so they’re having kids go up against a metronome. Let’s hope it works. (Zoo Tennis)

Asia on the fashion map: Much like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka embraces its contribution tennis fashion — i.e., Reebok‘s hot pants look for Venus Williams. MAS Active received the order for the whole outfit (layered top, skirt, and short shorts) four months before Wimbledon. (The Sunday Times)

FYI: Coach Nick Bollettieri charges $900 an hour for his tennis services at his academy in Western Florida. And that’s on top of the $41,100 annual boarding fee. (Times)

WTA and Beijing Olympics hammer out a deal: Countries can send up to six players to the Beijing Olympics. Like in Athens, ITF hammered out a deal to award rankings points for the women’s competition. (IHT)

mishit: ‘dos gone awry on the atp tour

August 1, 2007


Down the Line! assesses the hairy mess plaguing men’s tennis and looks to David Beckham as a model for proper styling.

While I agree that certain men should stay away from grown-out ‘dos — either because they can’t keep it neat (e.g., Sergio Roitman) or because it’s just not flattering (e.g., the thin but not thinning hair of David Ferrer and Igor Andreev) — we should give props to the adventurous:

And yes, there is definitely room for more variety… what about a mohawk? The women do all sorts of crazy with their hair. Step up, guys! I’m dying to see it.

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