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Swedish skivvies: Those who are into their specialty underwear (think H&M, American Apparel, Ginch Gonch) probably also know about the wonderful world of Bjorn Borg. The tennis star parlayed his oncourt style into a clothing (and design) brand that has been churning out clothes, footwear, fragrances, and eyewear since 1997. The company’s well known for using provocative advertising (and sexy models) to push their bright clothing. Consider his style the Scandinavian Guga Kuerten (but without the surfer feel).

My picks: Above are my picks from the line’s s/s ’07 underwear collection. And yes: those crazy prints in the top row are houndstooth, tennis balls, and argyle. LOVE IT. What do you think of the designs? Tell us.

Buy: Bjorn Borg underwear available at

Bonus round: You can check out the company’s website (under “Campaign”) to see videos of their last few fashion shows.

>> guga kuerten’s s/s ’07 collection
>> Tennis Served Fresh’s fashion archives

3 Responses to “fashion focus: bjorn borg brand”

  1. Bjorn Borg Underwear Says:

    […] today’s international fashion market the Bjorn Borg brand typifies quality products, creative and innovative in design and conveying the sporty […]

  2. M MARY BATES Says:

    I want to purchase borg clothing especially black jacket but can not find a web site that allows it . Help . thank you


    I too want to purchase bjorn borg clothing, t’shirt with signature logo thereon. Can’t find site either. have tried but can’t find how to translate to english……any help


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