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short balls: djokovic at the atp fashion show, pirate pants (again!), hello kitty

August 6, 2007


Struttin’: The men marked the opening of this year’s Rogers Cup, the first Tennis Masters Series of the summer hardcourt season, with a fashion show. Participants include Jonas Bjorkmann, Marcos Baghdatis, Jamie Murray, and Novak Djokovic (pictured). DTL hated Novak’s shirt, but I think it totally fits his personality. He’s the perfect player to rock petroleum-based fabric. What do you think? Tell us.

The tourney runs August 4-12. (Tennis Australia)

Are we really still talking about this?: THERE. IS. ROOM. FOR. BAGGY. PIRATE. PANTS. ON. A. TENNIS. COURT. Please stop complaining and let Rafa Nadal do his thing. (But I do agree that he doesn’t look so bad in actual shorts.)

(OT) Hello Kitty? Hell, yes!: Yep, you’re right. I’d totally be littering all the time if only to get some pink wristbands from the Thai government. (AP via CNN)


fashion mishit: murray in lacoste

August 6, 2007


Andy Murray‘s clothing sponsor, Fred Perry, is still MIA on-court because the Scot’s been sidelined (still) as of late.

And he adds insult to wrist injury by wearing Lacoste instead of FP as he watches brother Jamie play at Wimbledon.

Give your sponsor some love, Andy. What gives?

how do you solve a problem like maria’s?

August 6, 2007

A reader chimes in on Masha‘s makeover — a new dress, a new ‘do — at the Acura Classic:

I think someone’s been listening to me, or the thousand others who pointed it out. Or maybe she just saw how she looked on TV and ran screaming in horror. I prefer to think she’s just listening to me though.

Sharapova at this year’s Wimbledon (Getty Images)

Anyway. Her hair has been cut. Not as short as I would have done, but the ponytail no longer looks like a stringy mess. I suspect there are flattering layers in there.

And the new dress… hides that unfortunate appearance of fat oozing from her armpits. The woman isn’t fat. She shouldn’t wear dresses that make her armpits, of all places, look fatty. Anyway, the new dress has a lace type overlay that hides the problem so very very well.


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