short balls: djokovic at the atp fashion show, pirate pants (again!), hello kitty



Struttin’: The men marked the opening of this year’s Rogers Cup, the first Tennis Masters Series of the summer hardcourt season, with a fashion show. Participants include Jonas Bjorkmann, Marcos Baghdatis, Jamie Murray, and Novak Djokovic (pictured). DTL hated Novak’s shirt, but I think it totally fits his personality. He’s the perfect player to rock petroleum-based fabric. What do you think? Tell us.

The tourney runs August 4-12. (Tennis Australia)

Are we really still talking about this?: THERE. IS. ROOM. FOR. BAGGY. PIRATE. PANTS. ON. A. TENNIS. COURT. Please stop complaining and let Rafa Nadal do his thing. (But I do agree that he doesn’t look so bad in actual shorts.)

(OT) Hello Kitty? Hell, yes!: Yep, you’re right. I’d totally be littering all the time if only to get some pink wristbands from the Thai government. (AP via CNN)


5 Responses to “short balls: djokovic at the atp fashion show, pirate pants (again!), hello kitty”

  1. Maï Says:

    Nole rocks!! He would be perfect to star in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever 2 by the way 😉

  2. Joshua Says:

    I think Djokovic is super sexy in that shirt! All bare-chested and whatnot.

    And I have no problem at all with the baggy pirate pants. But could Nadal stand to buy a pair that fit him well enough that he doesn’t have to PICK HIS ASS BETWEEN EVERY POINT?! Dude already takes thirty-six minutes to serve, plus ass-picking time and my God I could watch 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY before he hits the ball!

  3. butter Says:

    ahaha……..Nole you sexy beast! he looks funny in the shirt. I think he looks young to wear a shirt with that styling. But hey, it’s a fashion show and I guess if he wore this out to dinner minus that popped collar and bare chest, i think he’d be hotter! 😉

  4. alexandra Says:

    wow nole is way too hot! hahah he is such a funny guy i wish they would put a video of the ENTIRE show on the ineternet i wanted to see how he did the trovolta walk. i heard he also came out at the end of the show in just underwear! hahaha i’d pay to see that! i love nole!! he is probably the guy version of me.

  5. Sonja Says:

    Great comment, Joshua! LOL
    I also LOOOVE the shirt… I can really see my hand running over his bare chest there and into the shirt we go… yum.

    On the pirate pants: I don’t really think they’re baggy (I mean baggy in a 50 Cent way). But it’s totally Rafa’s style. And he’s cool for not caring.
    About the ass-picking… oh my. He’s still a little boy inside, me thinks. LOL

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