bjorn borg: s/s ’06 ad campaign



The post-apocalyptic tribal Gulliver’s Travels-themed campaign for Bjorn Borg‘s latest collection is available for view on the company website. Check it out if you can. Even the site navigation buttons are fun: go-go dancers in swimsuits and afros. BRILLIANT.

bb-ss06-ad2.jpg bb-ss06-ad3.jpg bb-ss06-ad4.jpg bb-ss06-ad5.jpg

What do you think of the ads? Tell us.

>> fashion focus: bjorn borg brand (underwear!)
>> bjorg’s tretorn shoes reissued
>> borg searches for underwear models in london


3 Responses to “bjorn borg: s/s ’06 ad campaign”

  1. sandra Says:

    Hello there, who did the photography/postproduction on this campaign?
    Hope to hear from you,

  2. Fedwiaai Says:

    eykCxM comment1 ,

  3. Karoline Haugaard Says:

    Is it possible to find the images in a bigger size?

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