east west bank classic



Greetings from Hollywood!

Well, West Hollywood, really. But anyway, I’m very excited that Socal’s Lindsay Davenport will be back in singles action at the Wismilak International in Bali and in doubles even sooner than that (Pilot Pen). A local Connecticut paper, the Hartfourd Courant, has asked Linds to pen a column which will focus on her return — with child — to the tennis circuit.

We’re with Craig on this one: it’s refreshing to see a column/blog that doesn’t appear on a player or tour website. Hopefully, her unique story will reach a broader (read: non-tennis) audience.

Our buddy Chris was secretly hoping that she’d pick up a doubles wild card at this week’s East West Bank Classic aka L.A.’s ULTIMATE TENNIS CELEBRATION!!! Alas, she isn’t on the schedule. Tonight we’re going to see Masha play singles, and — if we get there early enough — Hingis and Hantuchova playing doubles.

4 Responses to “east west bank classic”

  1. maddawg Says:

    Awesome! Davenport articles should be fun read.

  2. topspinme Says:

    Hingis and Hantuchova playing doubles! I definitely would want to see that! 🙂

  3. tsos20 Says:

    I love the Connors and Mcnroe banner! Brings me back to the days I rooted for Jimmy. He had a run that last 2 decades. I’ve never followed a tennis player as avidly since. Sampras and Federer have been great, Nadal is compelling but Jimmy was the man!!
    The Sultan on Sports


  4. Nez Says:

    i read the davenport article and it was such a great read. it was a side of davenport i dont think anyone has ever seen before. it was very warming.

    i fully support her return to pro tennis as she brings a lot to the game and i hope to see more of her in the year to come

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