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tattoo watch: ATP should take a page from AVP

August 13, 2007

With the amount of skin on the ATP Tour growing larger by the minute (and, conversely, the amount of fabric worn on the court decreasing), the tour and its sponsors should consider taking a page from the AVP — beach volleyball players, that is — and stick some temporary tattoos on the guys. As it is, we’re already glued to the biceps of Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, Potito Starace, Gael Monfils, Juan Monaco, and Frank Dancevic (and some of them already have arm tats), so why not profit from it?

(Of course, WTA, you’re open to this, too. But I feel like you’re marketing the women just fine for now. Worry about the fate of on-court coaching first.)

What do you think about sponsor tattoos on the guys (or gals)? Tell us.

(Photos of Anthony Medel, Todd Rogers, and Stein Metzger at the 2007 AVP Manhattan Beach Open via

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graf/agassi LV ad, becker sells estate, canadian tourney pampers

August 13, 2007

Magazine invasion: I stopped by the newsstand tonight and saw the Catherine Deneuve ad for Louis Vuitton in this month’s Vanity Fair. Which led me to dig up the Agassi and Graf ad, above.

I also saw the Masha Shape magazine cover story. (DTL)

The women are pampered: The Rogers Cup in Toronto has plenty in store this week, including an Aveda Spa in the players’ lounge and a three-day fashion show “featuring the history of women’s tennis fashions from the early 1900s until today, including a spoof on John McEnroe. (Toronto Sun)

Becker’s house for sale: Son Coll, the Mallorcan estate of Boris Becker, is on the market for £10m as he tries to straighten out his finances after a paternity settlement and a divorce. The estate has a Rebound Ace court. (Times)

(photo via all women’s talk)

tennis on the boob tube

August 13, 2007

Move over, Mark Philippoussis: Whodathunk that the gays would be really into the sport? References have popped up in some recent reruns of Will & Grace. One joke mentioned Andy Roddick (and his then-romance with Mandy Moore), while another one included Lleyton Hewitt. “Lleyton Hewitt” is blurted out on an American sitcom. Isn’t that wild?

Speaking of boobs…: The Today Show ended their news round-up today with a mention of Tiger Woods‘ latest PGA Championship, after which host David Gregory casually mentioned the golfer’s friendship with Roger Federer. Al Roker, ever with a stick up his ass, teased Gregory by pointing to the front of their desk and sayin, “It doesn’t say SportsCenter, it says Today.” Uh, ok. That’s your reward for David giving the broadcast a personal touch? I swear, Al’s been such an ornery diva since his gastric bypass surgery.

Did you see that Emirates Airlines commercial?: Playing during the Djokovic/Federer match, it showed an old woman getting into a chopper from the Burj Al Arab helipad. The tagline: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” It was so sweet. Good job, Emirates.

Bonus round: Roger received the World Tennis Award at the Champions’ Dinner in London (post-Wimbledon). It was presented to him by Emirates Palace (out of Abu Dhabi). I guess they want a piece of the sporting events pie, too. Why should Dubai get all the attention?

bjorn borg opens stockholm s/s ’08 fashion week

August 13, 2007

Bjorn Borg opens the Stockholm s/s ’08 fashion week today. Joining his line on the schedule are Whyred, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Cheap Monday, and newcomer Helena Horstedt, who has come of age after graduating from the city’s reputable Beckman School of Design only three years ago. (Vogue)

The Bjorn Borg White collection is inspired by the player’s heyday in the late ’70s/early ’80s: “the impressions from the pop and disco era, the long lasting garage mixes, the art world with all the sparkling influences, charm meeting integrity, and distinguished tennis having an affair with fashion.”

I agree with StockholmFashionDays about this collection. It’s not incredibly innovative, but it’ll get us through the season. What do you think of these clothes? Tell us.

Bonus round: Check out the websites for the other designers. I especially like Whyred’s stuff: Cheap Monday, Whyred, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, and Helena Horstedt.

(photos via SFD)

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nevermind: novak keeps it up

August 13, 2007

Okay, so we did end up seeing a little bit o’ skin from Rogers Cup champion Nole Djokovic. As my friend Alex would say, “Enjoysies!”

(photo via Getty Images)

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