graf/agassi LV ad, becker sells estate, canadian tourney pampers


Magazine invasion: I stopped by the newsstand tonight and saw the Catherine Deneuve ad for Louis Vuitton in this month’s Vanity Fair. Which led me to dig up the Agassi and Graf ad, above.

I also saw the Masha Shape magazine cover story. (DTL)

The women are pampered: The Rogers Cup in Toronto has plenty in store this week, including an Aveda Spa in the players’ lounge and a three-day fashion show “featuring the history of women’s tennis fashions from the early 1900s until today, including a spoof on John McEnroe. (Toronto Sun)

Becker’s house for sale: Son Coll, the Mallorcan estate of Boris Becker, is on the market for £10m as he tries to straighten out his finances after a paternity settlement and a divorce. The estate has a Rebound Ace court. (Times)

(photo via all women’s talk)


5 Responses to “graf/agassi LV ad, becker sells estate, canadian tourney pampers”

  1. tsos20 Says:

    it’s nice to see Stefi and Andre are happy. Remember when he was dating Brooke Shields. I’m dating myself; but I can remember when Jimmy connors was dating Chris Everett.
    The Sultan on Sports

  2. butter Says:

    somehow, this photograph reminds me of posh and becks! Maybe it’s andre’s facial hair.

  3. Erwin Says:

    they’re fit enough that if they recreated the Posh/Becks W magazine shoot, they good get pretty close. And Steffi’s body might even look better than the emaciated Victoria.

  4. Jake Says:

    What magazine is the Graf/Agassi ad in? Is it in Vanity Fair too?

  5. Erwin Says:

    Jake — not sure where it was placed. I tried flipping through the rest of VF but I didn’t have enough time. The check-out line was going too fast!

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