nevermind: novak keeps it up


Okay, so we did end up seeing a little bit o’ skin from Rogers Cup champion Nole Djokovic. As my friend Alex would say, “Enjoysies!”

(photo via Getty Images)


5 Responses to “nevermind: novak keeps it up”

  1. Nez Says:

    i am mighty disappointed that shirt didnt go up higher… but damn proud of his performance against federer 🙂

  2. Nicholas Says:

    I really think he almost did, and then realized he had just beaten Federer, who has complained about Nole’s shirt-removing antics in the past. If you watch the tape, he goes for it, then hesitates and puts it back down. Boo boo boo. Erwin, how’s that underwear pic coming?

  3. Erwin Says:

    No luck on the underwear photo. If they’re keeping it under wraps out of respect for Nole, I can live with that.

    A part of me feels that taking a shirt off on the court is somewhat improper, but Novak can do whatever he wants. I’m pretty sure Roger isn’t going to tame down his Nike Wimbledon outfits just because a bunch of folks are complaining about it.

  4. isagani x, m.a. Says:

    Ahem, ahem! LOL

  5. name Says:

    A link to the photo.

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