tattoo watch: ATP should take a page from AVP


With the amount of skin on the ATP Tour growing larger by the minute (and, conversely, the amount of fabric worn on the court decreasing), the tour and its sponsors should consider taking a page from the AVP — beach volleyball players, that is — and stick some temporary tattoos on the guys. As it is, we’re already glued to the biceps of Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, Potito Starace, Gael Monfils, Juan Monaco, and Frank Dancevic (and some of them already have arm tats), so why not profit from it?

(Of course, WTA, you’re open to this, too. But I feel like you’re marketing the women just fine for now. Worry about the fate of on-court coaching first.)

What do you think about sponsor tattoos on the guys (or gals)? Tell us.

(Photos of Anthony Medel, Todd Rogers, and Stein Metzger at the 2007 AVP Manhattan Beach Open via

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5 Responses to “tattoo watch: ATP should take a page from AVP”

  1. Joshua Says:

    I love volleyball almost as much as I love tennis, and was recently watching some AVP matches (women, not men) and saw these tattoos for the first time. I gotta say, I find it revolting. For one thing, if we’re glued to their biceps as you put it, I think we want to see the bicep, not something this distracting. A real tattoo, of course, is one thing. The Hilton Logo is quite another. It looks cheap and grotesque. I vote a definite no.

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  3. Chris Says:

    I definitely think male tennis players should play topless… AHH…a man can dream. If they can play without shirts on the practice courts, they can play like that in real matches.

  4. shannon Says:

    Yes a new rule should be that the men MUST play topless! Everyone benefits from this! =)
    It’s great motivation for the guys out their who wanna keep up w/ their new years resolutions 😉

  5. Ritchie Perkins Says:

    Shirtless yes…tats no..

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