fashion focus: more from lacoste fall/winter rtw


I checked out the rest of the Lacoste fall/winter goods after posting about the ready-to-wear collection the other day. (Sorry about the sloppy collaging…)

Picks: I totally want to wear that white fanny pack at the beach while I lay out on that big green alligator towel.

Top: Enameled Charms (with alligator, with classic Lacoste polos), Crocomer Pur beach towel
Middle: Aria Sac de Gym, City Croc Sac Bowling, New Chantaco Sac Shopping
Bottom row: Prep Tailored 2 Brown, New Classic Sac Banane, Orora Emboss

Buy: These items are currently available through European Lacoste stores. You can start your search here.


One Response to “fashion focus: more from lacoste fall/winter rtw”

  1. jonaevilleneuve Says:

    Nice blog! I’m in love with Lacoste but limited in where I can buy it in my neck of the woods. Anyways, just wanted to say Hello, and keep up the great blogging. I also have a blog about fashion chronicling the latest in fashion trends on my campus. School hasn’t started yet, and I’m just starting up the blog, but once the school year commences and I can get out and take pictures, it should be a pretty awesome site eventually. Feel free to check it out at

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