fashion preview: r-fed’s u.s. open gear


The U.S. Open is just around the corner and the fashion bits are already flying. We’ve already known for a few months what Ana Ivanovic (this) and Nicole Vaidisova (this) are wearing, and in the last few weeks we’ve uncovered a few more finds.

Above is the Nike Control Bodymap Polo (in Argon) which Roger Federer will be wearing for his two weeks in New York. Much like his Aussie Open kit, it’ll be significantly more muted than his Wimbledon ensemble.

Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Tell us.

Buy: The polo is also available in Black and Graphite for $60.

(photo via TT)


3 Responses to “fashion preview: r-fed’s u.s. open gear”

  1. butter Says:

    Rodge is lookin a little too bronze

  2. emi Says:

    it looks like what Gasquet usually wears, but nike.

  3. iloveuroger Says:

    i have the polo in blue : )

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