fashion preview: serena’s u.s. open dress?


TSF speculates that this dress is what Serena Williams will be sporting during her two weeks at Flushing Meadows (if she recovers in time from wrist injury, that is). I think the U.S. Open is in for a treat!

It’ll keep with the same flattering silhouette that she’s kept this year (RG ’07, Wimby ’07). The Nike Dri-FIT dress has a scoop neck and accented with die-cut holes over mesh in this “sublimated print”.

Buy: The Autumn SW Dress is available for purchase here.

UPDATE: As you may already know, this isn’t the dress Serena actually wore. Instead, she has a black and pink dress with a bow. Check out that link for photos. Make sure to comment!


6 Responses to “fashion preview: serena’s u.s. open dress?”

  1. Nez Says:

    i think it really suits serena’s style… should come in a range of colors though

  2. Owensby Says:

    It’s hot!!!

  3. chris Says:

    this has been my favorite of the USO dresses shown thus far. but why does it have to be on serena?!? i still need to get a closer look at this “skyline” on maria’s dress.

  4. kyra Says:

    I’m use to Serena being a little flashier than that. I wish she would go back to the days of the catsuit and the jean skirt. Maybe she’s decided she’s getting a little older and mature and wants to dress more conservatively. Which that is fine also.

  5. Dedric Says:

    I love it and thank you for giving me a preview. I am always interested in what Serena will be wearing.

  6. sasha Says:

    This is not what she wore. She work a black sheath with a pink ribbon surrounding the upper portion. Can we see that photo and comment?

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