patrick rafter puts family first — so he gets naked


Retired Aussie Pat Rafter might have been opposed to showing skin (off-court) during his tennis heyday, but now that his coffers aren’t so flush with cash, he’s not above doing it for his family’s sake: “I don’t play tennis any more and I need to make an income.”

So he pulls a Tommy Robredo and poses in socks — and not much else — for this Bonds ad campaign.

Video: You can view the ad and another one here (scroll to the right — they’re the last two).

Not the first: Rafter’s done work for them prior to the sock campaign. Here’s a print ad selling hoodies (above). And he wears a tank top in this photo that appears on the Bonds Man homepage.

More pics: See more Rafter photos here.

[Daily Telegraph via Kenneth in the (212)]


3 Responses to “patrick rafter puts family first — so he gets naked”

  1. Frankie Says:

    Just like Serena Williams and Amada Beard

    Steroids and nudity. It is the new thing these days.

  2. Rafterfan Says:

    I love me some Patrick Rafter!

  3. maddie Says:

    good article 🙂 its nice it would be better if he wasn’t holding the tennis racket

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