fashion preview: a closer look at vaidisova’s u.s. open outfit


Reebok threw a birthday party for Nicole Vaidisova back in April and announced her U.S. Open attire on the same night. We posted photos of the outfits but none were detailed. Here’s a closer look:

Day matches: Nicole will wear the Fall Premier Dress (but in a powder blue) for her day matches. This dress’ white version made an appearance at Wimby ’07.

Warm-up: The dress will be paired with the Premier Jacket, which has gold zippers and piping plus a tonal print on the back.

Under the lights: Vaidisova will play her night matches in the Premier Tank and Skort. The tank, like her day dress, has a racerback. It’s sewn from a fabric with heat-embossed floral pattern. It also has stretch gold ribbon binding with bow at center of neckline (cute!!!) and shimmer mesh side panels.

Of course, all items feature Reebok’s PlayDry technology, which accelerates evaporation, increases ventilation, and reduces abrasion without trapping the body’s thermal energy.

Buy: Reebok Fall Premier Dress, $53.99; Fall Premier Jacket, $65.99; Fall Premier Action Tank and Skort, $36.99 and $44.99 respectively. All available here.


4 Responses to “fashion preview: a closer look at vaidisova’s u.s. open outfit”

  1. love40mp Says:

    Boy, Nicole must really like that design. She’s worn this same design many times before. Only the color is different. :T I do like the bow in the front though.

  2. chris Says:

    do they really expect nicole to make it past the second round? i don’t think she’s played since wimbledon and i believe she is still recovering from mono.

  3. Collie Says:

    Very informative publish. Never believed that it was this simple right after all. I’d invested of my own time trying to find a person to explain this subject clearly and you are the only person that ever did that.

  4. E Cigarettes Says:

    nice post. i like the designs

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