fashion preview: venus’ u.s. open outfits


Funny that this morning I was wondering what Reebok was making for Venus to wear at this year’s U.S. Open. As you might know, Venus’ crazy sponsorship deal — which paid $40 million over five years starting in 2000 — wasn’t renewed because of all her injuries (poor thing). But she had worked out a deal that paid her to wear these short shorts at Wimbledon.

Now she’s bounced back by partnering up with Steve & Barry’s for her clothing line EleVen (at an announcement that overshadowed the Masha/Nike red dress junket yesterday, I might add). Venus will wear some of pieces on the court in Flushing Meadows, including this dress and $15 (!) pair of shoes above.

I think that color will look good on her. And I LOVE the collar on that sleeveless top. Brava!

Bonus round: CNBC’s Darren Rovell did a great interview with Howard Schacter, Steve & Barry’s Chief Partnerships Officer. Read it here.


4 Responses to “fashion preview: venus’ u.s. open outfits”

  1. velly Says:

    This is hot. I think it is one of the best outfits so far. venus will definitely look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. Go V

  2. Natasha Spychick Says:

    The outfit is cute, but the idea of a professional athlete wearing a 15$ shoe on-court is stupid and extremely risky IMO.
    But the dress IS nice, especially the little bow above the line of the skirt.

    [weird-looking mannequin, while we’re at it… :]

  3. Erwin Says:

    Yeah. Venus plays so aggressively which makes me wonder how the shoes will hold up. It’s likely that she’ll supplement the shoe with her own insoles/lining. Most shoes made for athletes come pretty bare-bones anyway (and they get custom-made inserts from their doctor/trainer).

    I assume Stephon Marbury plays in his Steve & Barry’s shoes, too. I have no idea how that is working out at all…

  4. rdestiny Says:

    I watched a news special on the Starbury line where they did some quality testing by an independent expert and the quality was comparable with high-end shoes such as Nike. Don’t let the high prices fool you. It costs about the same to make either shoe.

    I applaud elite athletes like Starbury and Venus (and of course Steve and Barry’s) for making their lines affordable for people.

    To sum it up, the shoes will hold up fine.

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