short balls: will & grace, quddus at kids’ day, federer’s birth chart, lacoste…


Will and Grace, part 2: A W&G rerun from the other night had yet another obscure reference, this time to Evonne Goolagong. Yes, yes — it’s not obscure to us gays, but you have to admit it’s obscure to the general public…

I’m no spring chicken: Which means I don’t watch TRL, which means I didn’t even know about Quddus Philippe until today. Cutie! Quddus is hosting Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the Open.

We have a lot of work to do: Did anyone else see Venus on GMA yesterday? Kate Snow, one of the show’s anchors, committed a tennis faux pas (and one of my pet peeves): she asked Venus to “volley” when she meant “rally” — grrrrr…. And, when talking about Venus’ ranking, Snow said it’s “really up there”. Uhm, an intern could have done some research to make this less vague.

A Lacoste mishit: Hardcore Lacoste (and kitsch) fans must check out this eBay auction. The belt is cute, but that’s about it.

Reading Roger: The World No. 1’s birth chart.

Federer taps another teen: For the ATP Masters Series tourney in Cincy, junior Matt Allare was chosen by Roger to be his hitting partner. Jesse Levine got the same honor a few months back when Federer flew him to Dubai. (ZooTennis)

Nole’s resume: The Age does this cute, quick feature on the clowny ways of Novak Djokovic.


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