a top 10 player to be stripped of his clothes?


Will adidas make a monkey out of Gonzalez?

The blind item mill churneth and its latest product is this: a current top-10 player will be dumped by his clothing company “when his contract runs out at the end of the year”.

So who will be mired in a fashion mess in a few months? Here’s the current list of sponsors, players (and their ranking):

Nike: Roger Federer (1), Rafa Nadal (2), Blake (6), Berdych (9)
adidas: Nole (3), Fernando Gonzalez (7)
Airness: Davydenko (4)
Lacoste: Roddick (5)
Sergio Tacchini: Tommy Robredo (8)
Limited: Tommy Haas (10)

It’s not Rafa, Roger, or Blake — who all have crazy-high Q ratings right now. Lacoste is still getting mileage out of Roddick. And adidas would be stupid to drop Nole. Even though he strips after every title win, the clothes stay on during matches.

So my picks are the inconsistent Fernando Gonzalez (finals of Aussie Open and Masters Series Rome but early exits everywhere else), Tomas Berdych, and Tommy Robredo. Robredo should really be with Fila anyway. Perhaps this’ll be his chance to do so?

(photo via AP)


2 Responses to “a top 10 player to be stripped of his clothes?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    I probably agree with your thoughts on Gonzalez (Robredo would seem maybe a bit unlikely considering the fact that he’s playing so well) but what about Davydenko? Sure, Airness is hardly Adidas and they are probably quite happy with the minimal exposure a cold-blooded, rather shy Russian top-fiver with no real chance of being a star can bring them. But, considering how quick many sponsors are to react to even a hint of scandal . . . isn’t he worht considering?

  2. Erwin Says:


    That crossed my mind, but then I remember that Kolya’s contract isn’t up for renewal. Unless there are some odd clauses (which there very well could be), Airness will be giving him clothes for three years.

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